Loretta Marie’s Top Toning Tips

Guest PAINTER Loretta Marie shares all about her love for the Pulp Riot High Speed Toners


“During the last few months, I found my new absolute favourite technique! I used the toners, intermixed with Faction 8 mix tones to create soft pastels. I then applied using @hairbykaseyoh and @bottleblonde76’s ‘bubble technique,’ processed for only 10 minutes to create a creative colour in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

As salons reopen after lockdown, now is the perfect time to add in services to our lists that we can apply quickly and still achieve the beachy sun-kissed results our clients love. For my high speed toning service, I will be putting to use Pulp Riots High Speed Toners – which can tone and deposit colour into the hair in as little as five minutes!

With six shades in the range, these toners are completely intermixable and can work on canvases as low as a level 8, meaning all my quick toning needs will be met whatever shade my client desires. There is a shade to suit every balayage and bleach out, and I will definitely be glad of those extra minutes they will save me.


For this look, I started with the Pulp Riot Blonde AF Lightner,  then toned using a mixture of Silver and Icy High Speed Toners to create this beautiful platinum blonde.

Icy Bubble

To create this look,  I tried out something I’ve been wanting to try for a while. I utilised the ingenious ‘bubble technique from  @hairbykaseyoh and @bottleblonde76, but applied it using the Pulp Riot High Speed Toners and Faction 8 Mix tones. I love the end result,  and can’t wait to try this out on an actual head.

I alternated my pastel colours up the head, applying High Speed Toner in Icy in between every colour for a slightly pearlescent effect.

Icy + 6vol, Icy + Silver + -11 + 6vol
Icy + Violet + -22 + 6vol, Icy + Rose Gold + -55 + 6vol, Icy + -44 + 6vol
Icy + -33 + 6vol
Processed for 10 minutes

Cloudy skies

For this look, I started with the Pulp Riot Blonde AF Lightner + 20 vol developer to lift the root and smudged down over the warm band for the last 15 minutes.

I then pre-toned with Pulp Riot High speed toners ( silver + violet + 6vol) to give this pastel tone depth and a base to fade back out to.

Hair was then shampooed, dried and our desired Pulp Riot Semi shade was applied. The mixture was a full tube of Mercury, 1/2 a tube of Powder and slowly adding Blue Muse until we reached the desired colour.

I have to say my all time favourite shade is the Pulp Riot High Speed toner in Rose Gold. I call this the “gateway colour”. This can be used on anyone looking for something a little bit different. It’s great for anyone looking to dip their toe into the world of creative colour, but are not ready for the commitment just yet. It is a true rose colour, and tones blonde shades beautifully as it fades out.

One client recently was looking to change her colour up a bit and fancied “just a little bit of something”. I mixed Rose Gold up withIicy 1:5 + 6vol and applied it as a wash at the basin. Just straight in and back off again. This has given her the little accent colour she was after, and will fade back beautifully to a golden blonde. I can almost guarantee she will be back for something deeper next time.”

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