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Ready to add a personalised touch to your colour creations with Pulp Riot High Speed Toners? We answer your frequently asked questions

Are the Pulp Riot High Speed Toners intermixable?
Yes. You are the artist, create a custom hue for your client.

Do you mix the High Speed Toners with developer?
Yes, we recommend using Pulp Riot 6 or 10 Volume Developer.

What is the mixing ratio?
1:2 Toner to Developer.

Can the Toners be mixed with Pulp Riot semi-permanent shades?
No, application of toners and any other oxidative processes should occur before applying Pulp Riot semi-permanent colours.

What is the processing time?
Since Pulp Riot toners are high-speed and progressive, you will see results in five minutes or less. You also have the option to process up to 20 minutes for deeper, more pigmented results.

Should these toners be applied to dry or damp hair?
They can be applied on dry or damp hair.


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