‘Malak’ by Gema Moreno

Curls, waves and Malaga skies

‘Blue Sky Thinking’ by Steve Barnes

Hair inspired by shades found in Manchester skies at dusk

‘Red’ by Jose Urrutia

Strength, danger and passion embodied by a single colour

‘Blend’ by the Occasions Artistic Team

A spectrum of shades opens up a world of possibilities for autumn

‘MOVING’ by EDGE Academy

The dynamism of youth. The strength of simplicity. The texture of change

‘Desert Roses’ by Eric Maurice

Out of a hostile environment springs an abundance of colour

‘Pigments’ by Darrel Starkey-Gettings

Flashes of coral and soft, shell-toned neutrals

‘Sam’ by Kevin Kahan

Showcasing the evolution of one man’s style

‘Newstalgia’ by Adam Reed for ghd

Remixing the past to reimagine heritage styles

‘Morph’ by haarmacher

Stepping away from street style with editorial gloss

‘Distorted’ by Aidan Darcy

An array of hazy silhouettes captured in monochrome

‘Point Zero’ by Cyril Beynet

Exploring shapes found in the microscopic origins of life

‘Why Not’ by Felicitas Ordás

Exploring nineties textures and a delicately experimental aesthetic

‘LXXXVII’ by Megan Panozzo

A celebration of the light and colour in the world

‘The Brighton Contingent’ by Simon Webster Hair

Defiant punk energy and a thirst for reinvention

‘The Bright Forever’ by Hazel & Haydn

Commercial, wearable looks that clients will crave