2022 is the year of custom copper

Custom copper is having a moment, according to PAINTER Sarah Black. She shares why we’re all obsessed with an auburn hue, as well as how to match the right shade to your client


“In 2022, custom copper is the shade everyone will be asking for. Red and auburn tones have always been popular, but thanks to a surge of celebrities sporting flame-haired locks recently, it is vibrant copper that’s the top trend.

We’ve seen a major copper movement this year, and I have no doubt this will continue into the next half of 2022. All spectrums of the palette have been huge over the last 9 months – think strawberry blonde, fiery orange, luxury auburn and everything in between – and the custom copper trend shows no signs of slowing down.

We’ve seen celebrities playing with all shades of the copper spectrum, from classic, old Hollywood ginger, to understated, subdued auburn and delicious strawberry blondes.

In February, Kendall Jenner cemented the trend by transforming her natural brunette hair to a beautiful copper for the Prada AW22 show.

She then went on to rock various shades of auburn up until the Met Gala, where we saw her with signature dark locks again (and without eyebrows – but that’s another trend story). But while Kendall may have moved on, this trend is here to stay!

@whatsarahdoes                                                                                 @whatsarahdoes

Like mastering how to create the perfect platinum blonde, it’s important to treat clients individually and assess what will suit their needs and look – skin tone and eye colour will play a huge part in finding the right tone for your client.

Fair skin with green/hazel eyes will be suited to a more classic, natural ginger. Darker eye colours with more olive skin tones will look incredible with a deeper, brunette copper, or more red-based coppers. For those with light skin and blue eyes, peachy golden tones and strawberry blondes will suit them perfectly.

@whatsarahdoes                                                                                 @whatsarahdoes

We’re so excited that clients are more experimental and fearless with their colour choices – a trend that we hope to see sticking around for years to come!”

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