’90s texture with a 2022 twist by Verity Ollerenshaw

by | May 23, 2022 | Events, The Coterie

Leeds favourite Verity Ollerenshaw lets her fingers do the talking (and the rick-racking) with a modern take on ‘90s texture

Verity Ollerenshaw likes to take risks – she did open her studio in Leeds during the pandemic after all, and decided to try a rick rack technique with pins that she wasn’t sure how the end result would look. But her time on Richard Phillipart’s team at London Fashion Week has served her well, ensuring she was ready for whatever the night threw at her. The Miu Miu Fall 22 collection was the inspiration behind the kinky crimped ‘90s choppy chin grazer that took three hours of prep backstage (“I’m a little bit sad about taking this out,” she joked as she unwound pin after pin).

So, let’s pay tribute to that prep and discover just how the look came together. Verity opted for a rick rack technique to get closer to the root. But the foundations had to be laid first: as the model had quite coarse, straight hair, Verity used prep spray before layering and drying in mousse for staying power, using the BaByliss PRO Italia Brava dryer and diffuser attachment. She did this three-or-four times, to ensure all that hard work rickracking would stay put.

Starting from the back, she went tighter with her pin turns around the fringe. “The first few are a bit tricky but then your hand gets used to it,” Verity assured the crowd. “It would be cool to leave a few grips in for a photoshoot. In the salon, I’d use bigger sections for a client, so you’d get more of a wave than a crimp. But it’s a great base for a hair-up look too.”

When removing the pins, she pressed on the hair with the BaByliss 3000 Cordless Straightener (“It’s just so easy and convenient”), leaving the ends kicking out.

A misting of dry shampoo for a bit more grip, then brushed out a bit to get the desired texture just so. She then layered hairspray onto the head and dried again with the diffuser to help it all set in place, delivering a texturally diverse finish akin to a seriously good crimp. She also illustrated the power of a wig cap backstage; roping in host Cassie Steer to hold in place, Verity used heat from the dryer and diffuser to dry certain areas down more. “I wanted to keep it messy on purpose, and not put in too much of a parting. I can zig-zag that out,” she mused while adding her finishing touches. “This will stay in all week!”. You see kids, a solid foundation gives you a great base on which to build…

Verity’s career highlights



Welcome to Verity’s world

  • With a passion for hands on colour education, Verity launched Routed Creative Studio, a Leeds hub combining education, hairdressing and lifestyle in 2020
  • Has assisted Richard Phillipart on shoots and shows
  • Also spent time in Dubai honing her colour skills, and has been part of the Fellowship’s Project X

Verity’s Coterie kitbag

BaByliss PRO Italia Brava dryer with diffuser
BaByliss 3000 Cordless Straightener
BaByliss PRO Prima 3000
• Prep spray
• Volumising mousse
• Grip dust
• Dry shampoo
• Hairspray

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