A good hair day, every day

Loved by professionals and styling fans alike, ghd has made it possible to have a good hair day every day for the last 20 years. Discover why the tools have become must-have for salon owners and session stars

Delivering a premium performance without extreme heat, ghd styling tools are adored by stylists all over the world. Designed for versatile styling, long-lasting results and stylish design, discover why ghd tools have become kitbag essential for three hair pros.

Adam Reed

Session stylist, salon owner and much-loved industry voice, Adam always brings a dose of East London style to shows and shoots. “My job is to make people’s hair look amazing and I need the right tools and products in my hands to achieve that; that’s what ghd has given me – twenty years of good hair days!”

  • Can’t live without my… ghd max it’s my go-to for perfectly pressed hair.
  • My favourite ghd memory is… my first campaign shoot with Matt Irwin. I think we really captured the feel of the time – and your first time is always the best!
  • I love ghd because… it never settles. We are always looking to make the best, even better.

Charlotte Mensah

Salon owner, published author and the authority on Afro, textured and curly hair, Charlotte is also an industry pioneer. “ghd tools give you a finish with amazing shine and allow me to create endless shapes and silhouettes, without losing the natural texture of the hair. I don’t know any other tools that can do that.”

  • I can’t live without my… ghd glide. The very first professional hot brush that smoothes textured hair quickly and effortlessly.
  • My favourite ghd memory is… I bought my first ghd styler in January 2002 and was so impressed with its design and the fact that it could straighten all Afro hair types quickly and effortlessly.
  • I love ghd because… there’s no two ways about it – if you’re looking for a styler, hairdresser or tongs that get the job done, ghd is the BEST on the market. I love the one heat setting of 185°c, which is the optimum temperature for hair health.

Zoë Irwin

Queen of the blow-dry, Zoë is known and loved for her cool-girl updates on classic techniques and gorgeous, ultra-desirable hair. “I’ve built my career on creating hair that has shine, looks premium and lasts; that’s why ghd are the only tools I will use.’’

  • My favourite ghd memory is… shooting with Rankin a few years ago for the Christmas campaign. We shot one model with seven looks, including my cool girl wave which went on to become a really big part of the ghd world.
  • I love ghd because… the incredible technical developments help us safely style hair in ways which you’d never think were possible.
  • They’re always ahead of everyone with research. I absolutely adore the aesthetic of the brand and the chicness of the products.

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