A rollercoaster journey that ended in a moment of sheer pride… Lisa Shepherd on winning the Most Wanted Award for Innovation

Most Wanted
Most Wanted
Most Wanted

Describe the feeling when your name was announced as winner
This never ever changes – sheer pride and a big fat yesssss! I always get a bit overwhelmed; even more so when one of my team wins!

How was your evening at the Most Wanted Grand Final?
It was very grand, wasn’t it! Big, cool, edgy, strong – exactly what I’ve come to expect from the Most Wanted awards.

What’s so different about the Most Wanted Grand Final, compared to other awards events?
It has a really healthy mix of salon and session hairdressers. I have always felt we should mix more. In essence, you really do have best hairdressers in the world in one room…

What do you think made your entry stand out with the judges?
I’m really proud of the Color Bar and Express Color. I truly believe that as a concept it’s revolutionary, but the secret is to create an amazing entry that conveys the passion and uniqueness directly to the judges. The entry has to be easy to understand and completely accessible so the focus is 100 per cent on the idea.

Any tips for this year’s entrants?
Read the brief then read it again. So often people do fabulous entries that don’t actually answer the question. Instead, take your time, be honest, be brave and be straight. Don’t get complicated and throw the kitchen sink at it – it’s not needed.

What difference has it made to you, winning a Most Wanted trophy?
It was a really personal pat on the back for me as the Color Bar has been such a huge rollercoaster of a journey. Seeing it fly in my salons and nationwide has been incredible, but to win the Award for Innovation was quite simply the big fat juicy cherry on the top.

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Grand Final – Monday 7 September

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