A Touch of Texture

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Colour, Colour Trends

Achieve greater depth, dimension and clean results with the textural highlights technique from Jason Hogan, advocate colourist at Josh Wood Colour

Jason Hogan

“The textural highlight uses a mixture of weaves and slices to give much more contrast and texture than a traditional weave. The end result is a much more pronounced highlight and variation in the hair, which gives wonderful contrast against the client’s natural base without looking stripy.

“The beauty of the technique is that it can be used across any colour of hair to really put in dimension and to give wonderful shade on shade effect, while really making reds and coppers sing. The technique first came about from clients finding their hair colour becoming too solid and asking for hair to look more highlighted.

“With the huge success of babylights, colour has been looking beautiful, but it has lost the contrast because of the weave being so fine, meaning everything is blended and begins to look like one colour.  This technique works wonderfully with trends we’re currently seeing, as people want that grown, root-stretched blonde but freehand painting often leaves a warm result. Instead, by utilising foils, we can really incubate that colour and get stunning clean results that clients adore.

“Clients love it! They love the texture, the contrast and love the beautiful, grown out look. Of course I would recommend it for in the salon, I use it all the time in my day to day colouring, as it allows for consistently reliable results and when you’re running a busy column it’s what you want… no surprises!”

To see more of Jason’s work, follow @mrjasonhogan on Instagram.

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