‘Accidental effortless’ by Leigh Keates

by | 6 Aug 2019

Why I chose this look…
It represents my style of hairdressing. This is what I take pride in. There is no set style – it’s just looking at your model and the hair, and prepping to enhance the texture and suit the mood. To many, it may appear simple and easy to create, but appearances can be deceiving.

“As a salon-trained hairdresser, it was programmed in me to transform my client, to create a glossy premium finish – whether using rollers or pin curls or creating big blow-dries. As I stepped into the editorial world, I found this the hardest habit to break: knowing when to stop.”

The references
“This is totally my style, so my references were all mine – various editorials and cover shoots I’ve worked on.”

The creative process
I had a loose idea of curling the hair, gathering it on top and letting tendrils fall free, but when I saw the model in front of the mirror, I decided the 60’s beehive suited her much better. This is true to how I work day-to-day; I try not to pre-conceive and prefer to play with the hair until I catch a perfect moment, which I call ‘accidental’ hair.”

What I love most about this look
I just love the apparent ease of it –the stray strands, and the textured outline. It’s not too fixed in place, but mostly I love how well it suits the model.”

Kit list
BaByliss PRO Titanium Expression 25mm Curling Tong
Hot tool spray
Texture spray
Strong matte grips

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