Meet the Activator – Claire Martin-Kennedy

Claire Martin-Kennedy, independent hairdresser and Activator mentor

My ideal mentee: A stylist looking to go self-employed, a salon owner or stylist looking to build their social media techniques, or a stylist feeling overwhelmed with juggling the demands of working on the salon floor and marketing themselves.Claire Martin-Kennedy

Claire Martin-Kennedy

Master stylist at Gro London and an expert in both Afro and European hair, Claire’s either styling up a storm in the salon, or is busy travelling the globe as a hair educator – a role that has allowed her to do incredible shows around Europe and Africa. From this, and utilising her educating expertise, she has built her own online brand, cLHAIR – an exclusive members club, where she provides a variety of valuable advice and practical tips, from seasonal trend releases to access to her product recommendations blog.


Applications close 14 October 2022

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