Meet the Activator – Jennifer Linton

Jennifer Linton, co-owner of Linton and Mac and Activator mentor

My ideal mentee: A new salon owner, or someone who’s just gone self-employed.Jennifer Linton

Jennifer Linton
Salon owner, Aberdeen

Jennifer launched the progressive Linton & Mac salon along with fellow mentor Jaye MacDonald because “we both have a work ethic we didn’t see in anyone else”. Now running a team of 27, Jenn is committed to building a brand identity that encompasses the duo’s style, attitude and approach to hair. Winning multiple awards as a salon owner – including The It List Entrepreneur in 2019 – has led to invitations to work with some of the biggest names in hairdressing; highlights include shooting with Rankin and working at Fashion Week with Richard Phillipart. 


Applications close 15 October 2021

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Most Wanted Awards

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