Meet the Activator – Ky Wilson

Ky Wilson, salon owner, entrepreneur, sustainability advocate and Activator mentor

My ideal mentee: I would like to mentor someone progressive. I’m not bothered if they are employed, freelance, salon owner, etc… It’s about pushing the industry forward for the right reasons and also the wellbeing of themselves and their team.Ky Wilson

Ky Wilson

Ky Wilson is an award-winning hairdresser, brand contributor, educator, creator and entrepreneur. His appetite for doing things differently has meant he’s sent ripples through the hairdressing industry with his signature brand, The Social, taking the classic salon concept off the beaten track and turning it into a hub for creatives. His reputation has gained him industry wide recognition, with brand ambassadorships for BaByliss PRO, Davines, Green Salon Collective and Leaf Scissors –constantly championing for a more sustainable industry.


Applications close 15 October 2021

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Most Wanted Awards

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