Meet the Activator – Lee Stafford

Lee Stafford, entrepreneur, product giant, educator and Activator mentor

My ideal mentee: I’m happy to mentor anyone who feels would get the most out of me.Lee Stafford

Lee Stafford

After 35 years in hairdressing, there isn’t much that Lee hasn’t achieved. He’s owned multiple salons around the UK, Norway and Russia, won over 50 awards (including Most Wanted Influential Hairdresser), spent more than a decade on TV presenting on hair (or on his life) and has a haircare range that’s been Boots-exclusive for 20 years. Fully committed to education, and with 18 Lee Stafford Academies under his belt, he describes his purpose as “sending the elevator back down and shining a light on the next generation of talent.”


Applications close 14 October 2022

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