Meet the Activator – Ricky Walters

Ricky Walters, owner of Salon 64 and Activator mentor

My ideal mentee: My passion and strengths revolve around building brands, executive presence and running a business.Ricky Walters

Ricky Walters
Salon owner, London

Ambition flows through the veins of this energetic entrepreneur. Aged 21 and working in the salon of a five-star London hotel, he wrote a business plan that he left on the hotel manager’s desk with a note reading, “I will fix your salon.” (He did exactly that.) Aged 26 he opened Salon64, a salon-cum-members club brings back the glamour of the original Parisian mansion house salons, updated for 21st century lifestyles. It’s already won numerous awards and is paving the way not just for salons but other businesses, too. “Anything is possible, no matter how unlikely,” he smiles.


Applications close 15 October 2021

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Most Wanted Awards

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