Adapt, adjust and stay inspired

by | 19 Oct 2020

From new trends to digital education and virtual meet ups, Guest PAINTER Loretta Marie discusses the need to adapt and grow, more than ever before

“The change in the weather comes with a shift in looks towards my favourite colour palette. Here comes the rush of the redheads, rich brunettes, warm blondes and deep and grungy creative colours. Best of all, it’s just in time for the launch of Pulp Riot’s Raven collection in the UK.

The Raven collection consists of all the deep, dark and grungy colours we will need to give our clients the autumn colour change they will inevitably be after. But, you will have to wait until the next column, written by my travel buddy @betty_blades, to learn more about these colours.

Betty is one of the most artistic hair colourists I have ever met. She will be taking over from me as Guest PAINTER for the rest of the year, and I know she already has so much to share.

This year has seen a massive challenge for our industry. When I was asked to write this column at the beginning of the year, I had lots of plans and ideas about what I could write about and create. But, as it came closer it to my time taking over from our fave Aussie lass Lexie Shay, I realised I had to change some of my ideas and adapt to the change we have been confronted with.

This is what our industry has done too – we have adapted, adjusted and we have come back fighting. We have made our education digital. We have had meet ups and product launches online, along with training over Zoom. Pulp Riot even hosted a full day festival from the comfort of our own homes.

I fully believe that we will continue to adapt and grow in this new world, as long we keep having each other’s backs and keep working together through this new normal.”

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