Advice and updates for Irish salons during the COVID-19 outbreak

Following a call from the Irish Hairdressers Federation, the Irish government has chosen to close hair salons and barber shops.

Many salons had already decided to close their doors to minimise risk, but the Irish government has now ordered all salons to close in an effort to enforce social distancing measures.  The 25,000 people employed by the hairdressing industry in Ireland will be no longer allowed to work until further notice. Creative HEAD will keep you informed on all updates on the situation, and below we answer some common questions for Irish hairdressers and salon owners.  

The salon I work in is closed – will I be paid or can I claim benefits? 

This is up to your employer. If they choose to keep paying you as normal then you are not entitled to benefits.

The Irish government’s National COVID-19 Income Support Scheme will support them if they cannot afford to keep paying you as normal. This will provide a temporary wage subsidy of 70 per of your take-home pay, up to a maximum weekly tax free amount of €410 per week. They are expected to make their best efforts to top this up and keep your income as close to your normal 100 per cent as possible. 

If you have lost your job, you can claim the COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment of €350 per week. This payment will be available to all employees and self-employed people

To apply, pick up a form at your local Intreo Centre or Post Office, request a form by emailing forms@welfare.ie or phone the DEASP on 1890 800 024.  

If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, you need to apply for Illness Benefit.  

I’m self-employed – can I claim the COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment?

Yes – all self-employed people are entitled to the payment. There are categories on the form for employees and self-employed people.

I’m a business owner – am I eligible to access the National COVID-19 Income Support Scheme to help me pay my staff?

You must self-declare to Revenue that you are experiencing significant disruption to your finances due to COVID-19, have had at least a 25 per cent decrease in turnover, and are unable to normal wages.

I’m self-isolating due to COVID-19. Can I claim Illness Benefit for COVID-19 absences? 

Yes – if you are an employee or are self-employed, and self-isolating due to COVID-19, you can follow the below steps to claim €350 per week.  

  1. Phone your GP and self-isolate 
  2. If you are medically diagnosed with COVID-19, or are medically certified to self-isolate, you can apply for Illness Benefit
  3. Phone 1890 800 024 to get an Illness Benefit form or ask a friend or family member to collect one from your GP
  4. Send the completed form to DEASP PO Box 1650. Your GP will also send a medical certificate to the department
  5. Your payment will be processed 

I’ve returned from an affected area and it’s recommended that I self-isolate. Can I claim benefits?  

Phone your GP and tell them where you have been. If it’s recommended that you self-isolate then follow the above steps to claim Illness Benefit.  

The Irish Hairdressers Federation phone lines are open – for advice, phone 019109070.
Visit the Irish Government website for the latest news and and health advice

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