Abbey Jarrold isn’t just the UK ambassador for professional hair brand Indola, she’s a freelancer and wants to give others tips on successfully making the transition from salon to solo…

Being a freelancer is a unique experience in hairdressing. You must be self-reliant in all things, including setting your business up, staying up to date with the latest techniques and trends to please clients and…staying motivated and in love with the craft. Abbey Jarrold, Indola’s UK ambassador and a freelancer herself, knows what it’s like. Ahead of her appearance at SELF/STYLED Sunday on 4 June, she chats to Creative HEAD about going it alone, finding your creative inspo, and bagging clients for life…

CH: What main things should stylists get ready before they head out on their own as freelancers?

AJ: 100 per cent the most important thing is a stable, loyal clientele who you know will follow you. Without clients you cannot make any money.

CH: What’s the secret to a successful transition from salon based, to freelance?

AJ: The secret is having that friendly bond with each client. Listen to them, offer them new styles and techniques to keep them interested (even if they always opt for the same thing, it’s nice to have the option). That alongside a general respect and friendship will mean you’ll have a client for life.

CH: Being freelance requires energy and determination. How do you keep your levels up? 

AJ: It’s very easy to become demotivated when you’re not surrounded by a team of other hair stylists. What I do to keep on track is watch and follow my favourite hairdressing influencers online. I’m always on the lookout for new techniques or ideas and no matter your level there’s always room for growth. Don’t be embarrassed to reach out to people online and ask questions or try techniques out on a training head before converting it to a client.

CH: Have you found it helpful to link up with other freelancers for support? 

AJ: Luckily for me, working with Indola, I am always working with other hairstylists and freelancers which is a great way for me to stay up to date on the latest trends.

CH: What sort of stylist would make a fab freelancer, and who wouldn’t?

AJ: I think any personality can be a great freelancer. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert you can find the clientele for you! It’s also easy to adapt to each client. I have some clients who are always joking, generally quite loud and we chat throughout the whole appointment and then I have others who after our consultation, just like to sit and read a book. I think if you can read your clients personality you can get along with anyone!

CH: With the cost of living crisis, how can freelancers budget when purchasing their products?

AJ: I would love to say only buy what you need (colour wise) but then that limits you and you can’t recommend something different to your clients when they come in. I tend to stock 2-3 of each colour. What I will say is only buy the styling products you want to use (we all have our favourites) … there’s no point having a full stock of styling products that you never use!

Want to hear more words of wisdom from Abbey? Tune into her session on hot summer colour and styling trends at SELF/STYLED Sunday on 4 June. Freelancers can sign up for FREE here.