All the world’s a stage

What does it take to become a Redken Artist?

Rory McPhee
Rory James Salon


What sets Redken Artists apart?
“The brand has a wealth of amazingly talented Redken Artists all consistently trained to the highest standards by experts in this field. This means their audiences will always get the most out
of every Redken presentation.”

Is there a typical day for you?
“My days can be very different – but that’s what I love. I can start the week working on a music video and by Friday I can be back working in my salon in Leeds with my clientele. This variety makes every day exciting and fresh.”

Kelly Scott
Strands Hairdressing


What defines a Redken artist?
“We’re professional hair stylists that have a passion and dedication for education. We help others learn better! As a brand, Redken attracts like-minded people and we really believe in our motto: ‘Learn Better, Earn Better, Live Best!’”

What does it mean to you to be a Redken Artist? 
“Working for Redken has been something I’ve always wanted to do. In my first week as a trainee I did a product knowledge class and loved it. From then on my mission was to become a global Redken Artist.”

Toby Meyer
Ministry of Hair


What are Redken Artists all about? 
“To become a Redken Artist you have to go through a huge amount of training. We are a big family with the same philosophy: it’s all about the learner, the attending delegate, it’s not about us.”

What’ve been your highlights?
“I have met so many amazing people,
gone to incredible countries and venues, taught in New York, as well as enjoyed a wealth of personal development. But if I were to choose one it would be being picked to be part of Redken’s Symposium in Las Vegas.”

Reliving the Las Vegas Redken Symposium 2019 with Chris Moody

Thursday 16 January – Redken Artist briefing 

The briefing is the first time we all get to meet up together – more than 100 artists from all over the world and some of us may not have seen each other since the last event two years ago. This is where the real excitement begins.

Friday 17 January – prep day and pep rally

An early start as teams meet their models and rehearse their stages. Friday evening is the pep rally where we celebrate
the success of the previous year. 2018 saw all of Redken grow, so lots to live up to this year.

Sunday 19 January – Grand Opening in the Main Arena

Redken Symposium is always launched with our Grand Opening, a two-hour hair extravaganza combining trends, avant-garde hair and theatre. This year it was off the scale. The theme was to represent NYC after dark, in all its guises. 10,000 salon professionals watched as more than 100 models performed across several scenes, including aerial acrobatics, fire dancing, jazz, lounge and burlesque.

Monday 20 January – education in class and onstage

We had 600 tickets available for our first class, The SuperStar Educator, and it completely sold out. The recognition for in-salon education is well established and although people have some amazing content to share they are looking for guidance on how best to share it. Monday afternoon I was back on stage again for The Exchange Experience, where we try to bring our New York academy experience to the attendees at the Symposium. This stage had much more of an educational flavour, with cut, colour and styling demonstrations along with hands-on workshops.