An icon is an icon for a reason

There’s a reason why after 40 years Majirel is still the number one choice for leading colourists around the globe and their loyal colour clients

Packed with Ionène G, a highly concentrated care ingredient developed by L’Oréal Research, Majirel works to protect the hair’s shaft all the way through while smoothing and softening the surface, leaving hair more conditioned* and looking its glossiest best with a colour that lasts. So, while a packaging update meant the outside changed at the start of 2020, it’s what’s inside that counts: a creamy non-drip texture and a formula that delivers something fantastic, every time.


Are you a little obsessive about your colour bar? Want to know everything is in its right place, so you can grab exactly what you want in a flash, without a worry? Then bow down and worship Majirel’s 2020 pack design. It’s minimalist. It’s fresh. It’s clean. There’s one pack per colour family and the shade number clearly marked to face you as you search for your hue, making it the epitome of user-friendly. From ash to warm browns, each pack includes between five and 25 shades corresponding to their colour family. So bring a little joy to your colour shelves…

Of course, we’re all looking to be more environmentally aware, and Majirel’s newest pack design ticks the box when it comes to sustainability with its new 100 per cent recycled plastic cap.


A major part in making Majirel iconic is the large colour palette. And back in February of this year, it got even bigger. Nine new Cool Inforced shades were added to allow you to play around endlessly with more than 150 fresh-from-the-tube colours. The beige and ash shades boosted in cool reflects have already become cult favourites, as they allow you tap into the cooler colour trend while fighting brassiness for up to 21 shampoos with up to six weeks of warmth neutralisation. And, as every colourist knows, predictability doesn’t have to be boring. Being certain you’ll get what you want and what you need allows you the freedom to be creative without that nagging little worry that this result might not turn out quite as you’d hoped. The reliability of Majirel fuels you to be fearless, to dare to try something different.

*Instrumental test