Promotion – Andis

Which reVITE Will You Choose?

The new Andis reVITE Clipper is here! This sleek clipper, available in two versions, was developed with an innovative blade set design that combines the functionality of an adjustable blade with the convenience of a removable blade, making blade swap-outs and maintenance easier than ever. “The Andis reVITE has quickly become my favourite tool in my travel kit due to its small size and big punch,” says Kenny Duncan, North American artistic team lead for Andis.

Removable and Adjustable Blade Design

What makes this new Andis Clipper unique is the removable, adjustable blade set that was specially designed for this clipper. Each blade assembly includes the adjustable lever and features a snap-on design to easily switch between a Fade blade (size 00000-000) and a Taper blade (000-1) in seconds. 

Because of the removable design, no tools are required to change blades – it’s quick and easy for you to continue creating with one single tool. Kenny Duncan

“Whichever version of the reVITE clipper customers ultimately choose to purchase, store owners can help provide them with more versatility by placing the two blade assembly options in a highly visible area on the front counter or right next to the reVITE clippers,” adds Kenny. “Purchasing a reVITE with an extra blade is like getting two clippers in one!”

Durable housing

Both models feature a durable housing that provides a stable base for the motor and blade combination to achieve the highest amount of torque available. “The black reVITE features an unbreakable aluminum housing, while the grey reVITE features an ultra-lightweight composite. Thanks to the rubber grips on both models, I find that I have increased control over the clipper, especially when there is extra hair product on your hands,” explains Kenny.

Model with blonde hair for Andis