Avoid the summer slump this holiday season

Salon owners and managers; we know it may seem like you just finished up the last few marketing tasks on your spring-cleaning checklist, but summer has arrived. And while your clients are hitting the beach, soaking up the sun and sipping on pina coladas… you may be stuck inside, scrambling to fill a wide-open appointment book.

Take a step back, and breathe. It can be a challenge to come up with salon marketing ideas that reach your clients when they’re away, so here are five marketing ideas from MINDBODY you can implement now to ensure that you get the most out of summer:

Promote your specials early

A great way to coax clients into your salon is by sending a summer-themed email campaign that notifies them of any specials you’re running during the season. Plus, it’s also a great opportunity to encourage customers to book early so they don’t miss out. However, we all know that some clients will wait until the very last minute to pencil in some pre-holiday pampering, so take advantage of automated marketing tools like MINDBODY’s Frederick and promote last-minute availability automatically. That way, you’ll never miss a client.

Sell those gift cards

Your salon can earn a nice chunk of its annual revenue from gift card sales during any time of year. But pushing gift cards during the slow summer months is a great way to have a quick win when it comes to your bottom line and cash flow. Think about offering them as part of a package to create a greater perceived value – perhaps to give customers’ styles a refresh once they return from their travels? Clients using gift cards are also more likely to visit more than once to deplete their card balance, providing opportunities to encourage loyalty – and of course, to upsell.

Rescue lost customers

Show the clients that visited once and never came back again that they may have gone, but they’ve not been forgotten. MINDBODY’s Frederick can automatically identify those that are unlikely to book again, then send a tempting, high targeted offer designed to win them back.  Odds are, these clients have a fun holiday or event coming up during the summer months that they want to look the best for, and you can certainly help with that…

Fill slow days with smart planning

Even though we look forward to summer from a personal standpoint, from a professional perspective it can be a daunting couple of months in the salon. By using smart marketing tools, like Frederick, you can predict which days will be the slowest for your salon and create campaigns to be automatically emailed to clients to promote that specific day. By setting up specials that are only activated and valid at less busy times, you can proactively book clients who would have otherwise booked a primetime slot on the weekends.

And finally, share your best work

Summer provides the perfect chance for clients to try something special to stand out at the beach, pool, and family gatherings. Snap photos of your latest creations and post them on your salon’s Instagram and Facebook, to show clients your business is the best place to go if they want to look on-trend all summer long.

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