Back to work – services and availability

We asked Treatwell to share a few pointers on how to approach services and appointments post-lockdown

As salons reopen in Europe, many are doing so with changes to team availability, working hours or even the salon location, along with enforced changes to the services offered. In addition to changes the business NEEDS to make, it’s a great idea to  think about whether changes could be made now to better match with customers’ needs, whether temporarily or permanently. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. After a period without professional treatments, there will be a surge of demand. Longer working hours might seem the obvious answer, and might be the best one, but think about matching those to the demand. Opening longer hours are only worthwhile if the hours match the times clients want to book. If you offer longer treatments like hair colouring, opening on Sunday might be more successful than staying open an extra hour every evening. Involve your team/freelancers in the discussion. Hopefully they’ll be flexible and keen to re-build their columns, and while they might not want to commit to working an extra day every week, they might be open to additional hours if you organise a rota; eg a busy salon could open on a Sunday with the team on rotation, each only working one Sunday per month.
  2. Think about promoting quick maintenance treatments to fill gaps and to maximise the number of  clients you can see in the first weeks open. Clients might be happy to get a fringe trim or a T-section to tide them over ahead of their longer haircut or colouring appointment.
  3. We know some clients have been attempting DIY treatments during lockdown, so be sure to have colour corrections on your menu. With a new level of interest in at home self-care for hair, it’s a great idea to ensure you retail these oils, masks etc at counter. Encourage your clients to keep up their new good habits!
  4. Now might be a great time to introduce a new service into the salon, but if doing so, make sure it’s a brand fit for you, there’s client demand for it, and your team is properly trained and on board with the products used, how to deliver it, and how to retail it.
  5. Online has become a more important channel than ever before. During lockdown, it’s been the only way a lot of people have been able to shop, organise their lives, and engage with other people. With newly flexible routines (which look likely to continue) created by working from home, juggling family commitments, etc, customers have got used to the ease and convenience of online. Make sure you keep that accessibility available to them; be bookable online, at any time of the day, and through a range of channels.

Treatwell has a wealth of data showing customer demand by both treatment type and by geography, and offers free consultancy for its partners on the optimum opening hours and treatment menu.