What will the salon look like when we reopen?

When salon doors open once more come 4 July, both staff and clients will need to get used to a different way of working and visiting for appointments. We consider how that will look, with the help of L’Oréal Professional Products Division and its updated Back to Work guide

Currently, there are no Government guidelines on hygiene and safety for when salons reopen, but you’ll need to change the way you interact with clients, and staff need to be completely on board too. L’Oréal Europe has worked in conjunction with hygiene specialists to create specific hygiene recommendations for salons, some of which are below. It’s working collaboratively with industry trade bodies, including the National Hair & Beauty Federation and British Beauty Council, to support the reopening of hair salons as soon as government permits.

L’Oréal has produced a ‘Back to Business’ support guide (the PDF is below) includes post-lockdown advice on ensuring the safety and wellbeing of employees and customers, safer operating procedures, pre-booking appointments, organisation of the salon to spread out appointment times, advice on electronic payment, hand cleansing, tool disinfecting and social distancing. The business will also supply more than 100,000 hand sanitisers and more than 1 million protective masks, which hairdressing salons can order along with technical and retail products via L’Oréal’s customer service team or online via the L’Oréal Partner Shop.

“This crisis has been a challenging period for everyone and we have been providing as much support as we can for our salon partners, including freezing payments due from independent salons and hairdressers and offering e-learning resources to enable continued career development whilst staff are at home. Now the government is starting to plan for life after lockdown, we want to help our salons get back to business safely,” said Béatrice Dautzenberg, managing director for L’Oréal Professional Products Division UK & Ireland.

“The past few months have provided us with even greater awareness of the importance of our hairdressers and the demand from consumers for hair salons reopening is high. Hairdressing is the single largest contributor to the British beauty economy valued at GDP c. £6 billion, and salons play an integral part in communities and boost consumer wellbeing. As a committed partner to the industry, L’Oréal is proud to help our network of salons navigate these challenging times, to support the wellbeing of our employees, salon partners and consumers and help to reduce the impact of Covid-19 on our salon partners’ business.”

See the full guide here

Update how your salon is organised

  • Ensure you respect social distancing
  • Stagger scheduled appointments to reduce the number of people in the salon at any one time. Adapt opening hours – eg, longer hours, specified times for vulnerable clients
  • Organise your staff into teams to allow rotation – then if someone needs to self-isolate, that team will self-isolate also but the business can still remain operational with the other team in place
  • Have greater gaps between stations/clients
  • Think about how clients will wait for their appointment – a waiting zone outside? A queuing system with marked out zones?
  • Don’t offer tea/coffee or food. Offer bottled water that can be disposed of after use
  • Remove easy touchable items such as magazines and testers. Ask clients not to touch products on shelves
  • Revise your service menu – salons in post-lockdown countries are using express services such as dry cuts and root retouches. You could split services into cut and colour days… and don’t forget up-to-date allergy testing
  • Try to go cash-free, with digital receipts. Disinfect touch pad buttons after each use
  • Inform clients about the new measures and expectations, via your website, online consultations or a conversation prior to the appointment itself

Get everyone on top of personal hygiene

  • Keep washing and disinfecting your hands throughout the day, and avoid jewellery and fancy nails
  • Offer disinfection points for clients – at the door, the station for example
  • If you choose to wear a mask, ones with ear loops are preferable
  • If wearing gloves, they must be changed frequently and you’ll need to wash your hands every time you remove them
  • Dedicated work clothes/uniform, washed daily and kept in a clean, closed place, and used only for work (including shoes)
  • Disposable fabrics where possible (gowns, technical collars, towels), one new for each client. If not using disposable items, you’ll need to treat them as single use for each client

Ramp up hygiene in the salon

  • Stick to one station/backwash per staff member/client, and disinfect after each client
  • Clean all salon surfaces minimum twice a day – can you dedicated one team member to cleaning?
  • Don’t share kit or products with other team members, and items must be cleaned after each use. It’s better not to use a tool belt.
  • Hair dryers/stylers should also be disinfected after each use
  • Aim to clean ‘high touch’ surfaces three to five times a day, as well as cleaning all contact surfaces after each client, and think about how you’re going to manage salon waste

L’Oréal Professional Products Division is creating a Back to Business guide that will soon be available on