Be part of the Refillution with AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT

AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT is stepping up their game when it comes to sustainability, launching a new generation of their Refill Bar in a bid to create a more circular economy that benefits the environment, the client and the salon




Sustainability is an integral part of the brand’s ethos. “Authenticity, honesty and transparency are part of our core DNA,” say AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT. “We are committed to contributing to a circular economy and being mindful of our footprint, continuously working on our packaging, ingredients and social impact – because we truly care about our beautiful planet.” 

And they practice what they preach. All bottles and counters, including the backwash, are made out of 80 per cent post-consumer recycled plastic. In April this year, AUTHENTIC BEAUTY CONCEPT reached the second milestone in their goal to save more than 50 tonnes of virgin plastic from one million products.

They’ve also saved new plastic from 500,000 products by using post-consumer recycled plastic. Products that come in boxes are packed in a climate-neutral folding boxes, which helps support clean oceans through a donation to Plastic Bank, a charity which pays people to collect and recycle plastic waste.

And this new initiative is set to increase the brand’s eco credentials with a refillable system that allows clients to join the fight for a more sustainable future. Of course, recycling is important, but this comes at the ‘get rid’ stage of a product’s lifespan. Refilling helps to ‘close the loop’ and significantly reduce both packaging and product waste. “The Refill Station is the easiest way to reduce plastic waste, while keeping a professional, quality product,” says Matt Dubet, founder and creative director Lisbaeta Salon, Lisbon.

How does the Refill Bar work?

The idea is simple – clients bring their bottle back to do their bit for the environment. After an expert consultation, clients will receive their prescribed product(s) in a 250ml retail bottle made from 90 per cent Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic.

The bottles also come with Forest Film labels (the first wood-based film label material in the market, certified by ISCC). Once they’ve used it all up, the bottle doesn’t go into the bin, or even the recycling – instead, it’s brought back to the salon to be refilled and the cycle starts again. Each 250ml retail bottle can also be reused at least five times, generating a saving of 83 per cent less plastic.

It’s time for us all to join the Refillution and do our bit for the planet. Find out more by visiting


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