Behind the scenes of The Big Blow Out with Lisa Farrall

by | 25 Oct 2022

Lisa Farrall gives an insider rundown of her time judging The Big Blow Out 

For those who remember Channel 4 and E4 TV show The Salon from the early 2000’s, you’ll recall the powerful impact it had on surfacing a new generation of young hairdressing talent, and now, set to reignite that same spark, E4’s The Big Blow Out has made a promising first impression across TV screens. Plus, it’s from the makers of The Great British Bake Off so it’s certainly making for addictive TV viewing.

Lisa Farrall behind the scenes of The Big Blow Out


Hosted by AJ Odudu, the show sees Most Wanted Legend Sam McKnight and 2022 Most Wanted Texture Expert Lisa Farrall in the judges’ hot seats, scoping out the talent with their impressive industry eyes, and that’s when you know the competition is really on! 11 experienced stylists go head-to-head in a series of challenges, from creating Masterpieces to pleasing real clients, and it is fabulous, fun, and flamboyant on screen.

We caught up with Lisa, Matrix ambassador, session stylist and award-winner, to get an inside scoop on all action of the series. No stranger to the world of cameras and content, but a first timer on the other side of the camera, Lisa refers to her Big Blow Out experience as “completely different than when you’re teaching and educating.” She adds: “You are used to standing in front of people and teaching them, but it was very different to be standing in front of people without a head of hair.” Nevertheless, an expert in her craft, Lisa was overjoyed to be able to “guide and motivate these brave individuals and give them hints, tips and creative critiques.” 

Lisa Farrall and Sam McKnight behind the scenes on The Big Blow Out


Lisa Farrall and Sam McKnight at MWIT22 Grand Final

During filming – which Lisa says lasted for several months – she had the pleasure of working alongside fellow judge Sam McKnight for the first time. “It was a dream to work with Sam. I didn’t know him personally, but I knew who he was – he is an absolute legend! I had a blast filming with Sam, we were like long lost siblings and the mum and dad of the show.” 

The energy, expression and impressive hair looks are in abundance throughout the episodes. However, an integral part of the outcome is also the blood, sweat, tears, creativity and talent that is fed into the job. Lisa hopes consumers can realise how much hard work and dedication it takes. “We are not just hairdressers. From behind the scenes of the consumer challenges, photo shoots, working in the theatre, I hope they can see how much goes into the creativity.”  

Of course, anybody in the industry who has already had first-hand experience can understand. “I hope the industry can see that there’s room out there to be creative, to put yourself out there and put yourself on a platform and be brave. I also hope the industry can see that we need to be more texturally diverse in every hair type.” 

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