BENEFIT: More time for you AND for your clients

Treatwell rise in bookings stat
Enjoy admin? Of course you don’t, otherwise you’d have become an office-based  number-cruncher, not a hairdresser or salon manager! But the idea still persists that if you want a tedious but necessary job like booking management doing, you’ve got to do it manually and do it yourself.

In chatting to salons who’ve already made the switch to taking online bookings and auto-synchronising their column, the most magical thing they’ve found going digital has given them is time. Time for everyone from their front of house to behind the chair stylists to do what they do best, improving their working lives and crucially, their clients’ experience.

“It’s all about time. Paper systems are chaos. The best thing is you free up your front of house. Now they spend time looking after the clients, talking to the clients, serving the clients. They have time create an experience.”

Joe Franciosa, director, G Salons

When a digital system works as smoothly as Treatwell Connect and the consumer-facing Treatwell website and app, an immediate weight is lifted off your shoulders. Prices are transparent, diary availability is updated in milliseconds, appointment reminders are pinged out automatically and buffers for newly stringent salon hygiene practices and preparation are already factored in. Just take a moment to think about all the headspace that frees up daily! Plus, it has a real impact on efficiency.

Miguel Horta was thankful that, particularly between lockdowns when money was already tight, Treatwell technology and its helpful, time-saving features enabled his business to crack down on missed appointments.

“It really helped us to manage no-shows in our salons,” he explained. “We did this by charging a deposit for each treatment when the customer books online.”

For Ahmet Uzun, it’s the rebooking and appointment technology that has made a real difference to his staff’s workload recently.  “Whenever a client comes in, we’ve got a QR code they can download and hit the rebooking tab,” he says. “And – boom! That’s how easy it is. Now we don’t suffer many no-shows. Treatwell reminds them that the appointment is today.”

“Being able to get hold of our clients before their appointment has been able to help us save 10 minutes on every single one of our appointments,” reveals Matt Bartell, owner of Threads & Co.

In addition, the fact that staff can access their own Treatwell Connect profile from their phones means they can take control of their column management.

“It enables them to have full access of all of their client details, all their clients bookings and payments,” he adds. “It also gives them more responsibility when it comes to the service they’re enabling and also gives them more time to focus on what’s really important – them doing hair.”

And the centralisation and accessibility of client data means booking discrepancies due to spidery handwriting or poor phone signal are no longer a concern. Even Jill’s colour notes are now linked to her customer profile and will never go missing again!

It’s this seamless fit with her business that impresses Danielle Maguire, co-owner of Bangs London. “You can link it to your own website with the Book Now widget, there are appointment reminders, you can run off-peak discounts if you’re not busy on certain days. It drives traffic through our salon, which you need as a new business.”

Danielle Maguire, co-owner Bang London (a Treatwell partner salon)

Having this technology at her fingertips has taken away the stress and gifted her back hours she never thought she’d have to herself. “It’s not just a booking system; you can put your stock in there, it does our wages, it’s linked to our payment system… it’s an all-round tool, it’s not just the diary.”

“That’s what people need to realise,” she adds.  “Do you want to make work for yourself? Just give it a try and think about all the extra hours you’re going to have to do nice things!”

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