Big, bold, BLONDE! Talking summer trends with Matrix

[Clockwise from left: Balayage by Mary Forester, and cool and warm blonde waves by Michelle Summer-Davies]

Summer always sees a surge in demand for blonding services. But with multiple lockdowns behind us and international travel on pause, this year, clients are desperate to go lighter in an effort to experience some holiday-hair vibes.
So how do you translate that hunger into guaranteed guests in the chair? Provide covetable colour that plays into fashion and celebrity trends, but maintains a commercial, wearable appeal. We chatted to two pros about their 2021 trend picks and how with the help of Matrix’s lightening, toning and blonde after care ranges, you can capitalise on the blonding boom…

Paul Callaghan black and white headshot


[Hair by Michelle Summer-Davies]

Go blonde, but go BOLD

“This summer it’s all about framing the face with golden, light-reflective tones,” says Paul Callaghan, owner of Paul Callaghan Hair. But before you start mood-boarding sun-kissed boho tones, let’s get something clear: there’s nothing subtle about this trend!

“In fact, the larger the section the better!” Paul adds. “Summer ’21 is all about chunky, ’90s highlights that work well with bright, bold colour – think Dua Lipa and the original, Ginger Spice.”

Take one look at TikTok and you’ll see that noughties-inspired hairstyles are everywhere, and as Paul highlights, this colour trend provides the perfect backdrop to the throwback looks. “The block colouring and high contrast tones are great for mid-length hair, and they really come into their own when the hair is worn in a ponytail with tendrils loose round the face,” he explains.

“I’m currently using a lot of chunkier foil placements, working on a diagonal and taking micro-fine, see-through sections with a low volume developer and maximum saturation for optimum payoff.  Matrix Light Master 8 and 2.7% is perfect for that low, slow and controlled lift.”

It’s all about the blend

“With summer finally here after a year of lockdown, you can be sure clients are asking for the three Bs – Bold, Bright and as Blonde as possible!” Agrees balayage specialist Mary Forester, from The Hair Lounge in Sunbury upon Thames. “But whilst it’s tempting to pack in those foils, remember, a more lived-in result is something many clients have come to expect from their blonding service.”

To find a more relaxed but still very 2021 middle ground, Mary suggests adapting the face-framing trend. “A super-bright money piece with a softly diffused blend throughout the parting and interior of the hair gives clients a fresh look, without feeling like they’ve just stepped out of the salon.”

And of course, over the past 18 months, all colour clients have become better acquainted with their roots. “Ensuring you have soft, blended roots elevates your blondes and not only looks expensive, but keeps colour looking better for longer, Mary explains. “Plus, whereas we’ve previously seen clients favour an ashier tone, I’m seeing a lot more clients embrace warmer, more golden tones that are perfect when working with a longer root.

“It’s time to use that warmth and show it off to give long lasting colour that’s much more achievable, easier to maintain and lower maintenance. Given that our clients’ roots may be longer than the average 6-8 week retouch when they sit in our chairs this summer, utilising a root shadow and global gloss is a great way to ensure your blondes look fresh as well as being fully adaptable to suit any base.

“For those clients that are loving their new lockdown lengths, the Matrix Unbreak My Blonde range is an absolute must,” she adds. “It’s a three-step system infused with citric acid to leave lightened hair three-times stronger, so you can get achieve bold, bright blondes without compromising condition.”

Headshot of hairdresser Mary Forester


[Hair by Mary Forester]

Unlock new colour possibilities build a brighter, stronger future for your
blonde business with Matrix Total Results and Unbreak My Blonde.
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