Bigger, Better, Best…

Make every client feel like they’ve had a personalised service with the new The Wet Detangler Large Size from Tangle Teezer

With an increasing demand for textured hair specialists and a booming Afro-Caribbean market, it’s more important than ever that salons are able to cater to clients with curls and coils. No matter how many viral videos do the rounds on social media showing clients with afro and curly hair being turned away, there still seems to be something lacking in education and support for stylists to solve the issue.

Equipping your stylists with the right tools is one way to help grow your business, by being able to expand your client base. Building on the success of The Wet Detangler, Tangle Teezer have created a new, larger version to cater to all hair types, working to detangle and smooth even the thickest hair. The Wet Detangler Large Size is a striking 20 per cent larger than the original, with 108 more teeth and a slightly longer handle to make it quicker and more efficient at detangling long, thick and curly hair types.

From backwash to home bathrooms, The Wet Detangler Large Size makes combing through wet hair easier than ever. The new design retains the same non-slip handle as the original, along with the two-tiered teeth to flex rather pull on the hair. Just as you do at the backwash, clients can use The Wet Detangler Large Size in the shower or bath to draw product through the hair evenly, as well as combing out any rough snarls and snags with ease.

Shaun Pulfrey, Tangle Teezer founder and inventor, knows how important it
is to be able to feel prepared for any client who might come through your doors. Here are his five top tips on how to make sure you’ve equipped your stylists to deal with everything from pin- straight to afro hair at every stage of the client journey:

Factor in time

The length of time of the client journey will be impacted by their hair type – clients with thick, longer and curly hair can take longer in the salon. Preparation is key if you know a client with this hair is booked in. They’re usually very knowledgeable about their hair type and will quickly pick up on a stylist who doesn’t know how to manage their hair.

A little different

Applying a small amount of conditioner before shampooing is a great way to help avoid knots and make detangling at the backwash even easier on curly, thick hair. Wet the hair first and apply the conditioner through the hair, particularly at the ends. Use Tangle Teezer’s The Wet Detangler Large Size to distribute the product evenly through the hair before continuing to shampoo and condition as normal.

Deep clean 

To ensure the natural curl formation is springy and defined, use The Wet Detangler Large Size to draw through shampoo. This technique is particularly effective on curly hair, as it gives it an even deeper cleanse and allows for true curl formation.

On and on 

If your client has really long hair, you could try sitting them upright when you apply conditioner to make sure you distribute the product evenly. Squeeze any excess water from the hair to avoid dripping and ensure the conditioner isn’t diluted, then apply the conditioner and use the Tangle Teezer The Wet Detangler Large Size to evenly distribute the product throughout the hair.

Right away 

Train your assistants and stylists to remove tangles again as soon as the client sits down at the styling station after their hair has been washed. It’s essential this is done before you start combing the hair, to help avoid any mechanical trauma caused by tugging at the hair. The cutting and styling process will also be much faster if the client’s hair is already in a detangled state at this stage.

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