Bjorn Krischker on customer copper wig work for Erin O’Connor

by | 5 Dec 2022

Most Wanted 2022 Session Stylist Bjorn Krischker raised temperatures with his latest work for model Erin O’Connor. Speaking to Creative HEAD, he shares all about the inspiration and technique behind the copper creation

Erin O'Connor

“To work with Erin is always exciting. She wants to look different every time, depending on what she is doing and where she is going. This gives me the opportunity to be creative and to push myself whenever I am working with her. When Erin told me she would be sitting on the frow for Raf Simon’s show, I knew we had to come up with something new and different to her usual black hair – especially as it was the first time for the designer to show his collection in London.

There were rumours that the venue and vibe would be rave-like and Erin’s outfit, provided by Raf, reflected this too. So, I suggested to go red – a smokey, coppery tone with a dark root. Due to other work commitments, I wasn’t able to colour Erin’s own hair, so I asked her if she would be comfortable wearing a wig. The answer was a big YES!

It’s definitely an advantage to work with an absolute top model who doesn’t shy away from edgy looks. She is never scared; nothing is ever too much as long as it feels right and looks high-fashion.

I coloured the wig using Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect 8/43 for the lengths, which is a bold and exciting shade. I used 2/0 on the roots to add an edge, as well as being a nod to Erin’s own hair colour. The dark roots also helped create the illusion that it was her own hair and not a wig (apparently at the event nobody could tell that she was wearing a wig!)

Both the cut and colour were inspired by ’90s rave culture. I felt the hairstyle should reflect a time when DJs played at illegal events…When there were high energy, all-night dance parties. I wanted it to evoke an intense feeling of escapism.

I had to finish the wig on the day of the show, as well as styling it on Erin’s head to make it look realistic. First of all, I fitted the size and cut the lace to frame her face perfectly. Once it was in place and secured, I used Sebastian Professional products to style the hair.

To begin with, I spitzed Sebastian Professional Trilliant all over towel-dried hair to condition and add heat protection. This was followed by Sebastian Professional Liquid Steel, which is one of my favourite strong hold hair gels. I then shaped the hair with a wide tooth comb, placing the fringe and all hair around the hair line carefully before diffusing dry. For an extra layer of high-shine and hold, I used Sebastian Professional Zero Gravity Light Hairspray.

The reactions at the show towards Erin’s new hair were overwhelmingly positive. Both of our DMs on Instagram exploded with messages, as everybody wanted to know if she had changed her look for good. The power of hair! Voilà!” 

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