Jordanna Cobella is empowering colourists with new bespoke colour

Jordanna Cobella is making waves in the industry thanks to her bold approach to colour. Her new course ‘Blondes Mean Business’ aims to give colourists the confidence to create new and exciting bespoke blondes for clients – and have some fun in the process

“I wrote my courses ‘Blondes Mean Business’ after I learnt that most hairdressers that go on colour courses feel stuck in a rut in terms of the variety of services they are offering their clients,” Jordanna Cobella told us.

“I noticed many were struggling with encouraging clients to try something new so they were stuck in a viscous cycle of the same look again, which isn’t the most inspiring for a creative colourist.

“In order to excite both the client as well as the hairdresser, I came up with a course that empowers colourists to offer new bespoke colour services to their blondes in a consumer friendly way.”

Enter: 3D blonde 

3D blonde was born: an impactful blonding technique. Joanna’s course not only covers the 3D blonde technique, but also how to brand and sell toners – communicating colour in a completely different way

“I took inspiration from MAC makeup, as a neighbouring industry of ours. They give their lipsticks punchy names to describe the shades which are often associated with characteristics for consumers to identify with – for example, Lady Danger for a red lip shade.”

Blonde work is important for business 

“Any lighting service is super important as the upkeep is what keeps customers coming back!” Jordanna told us. “I personally find that adding lighter pieces into any colour – be it brunette, copper, blonde or grey – makes a colour really stand out.

“No longer can we get away with a one colour/one formula client. Bespoke colouring and placement are imperative to building and maintaining a loyal clientele. I also find that lightning services can really give clients a massive boost of confidence and often they adopt a new ego with their new blonde hair colour.

“That new ego represents a part of their personality they are newly free to express. Behind every hair colour change is a behaviour or circumstantial change. I believe it’s important to really tap into this and encourage your client to explore all the different identities and egos that come with a new colour!”

What does the course entail, in terms of technique?

In a nutshell, the course will cover:

  • A new high impact blonding technique that can be done in 45 minutes.
  • Top tips for blonding, toning, mixing, colour hacks and what’s in Jordanna’s tool kit
  • How to talk/communicate colour and sell a different blonde, as well as how to keep blondes excited
  • The psychology behind a colour client and how can we benefit from understanding it

The course is perfect for any intermediate hairdresser that fancies a full day of inspiration and a technique you can take back to your salon that is commercially viable. 

And how will you feel after the course? “I would love for the course attendees to feel empowered as a colourist and equipped with how to communicate colour in a different way with their clients. I would love them to also feel they’ve learnt a new technique that can be used straight away – which is financially rewarding.”

What should colourists remember when tackling blondes?

“Don’t overestimate that subtle changes can go such a long way for a client, be it a slight tweak in tonality or placement – similar to cutting!” Jordanna told us. “A lot of colourists underestimate their value and price too low and don’t charge for double toners/root melts etc.

“I also feel that there’s a lot of resistance to try something new with clients. My advice is to start with very subtle changes such as tweak in toner or placement and then build the trust from there. It will help keep your work fresh, and keep your clients excited.”

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