Blow-dry with benefits

Swerve boring blow outs, it’s all about… a blow-dry with benefits

Want to attract new clients and convert more guests to colour? Well, Redken might just have the perfect solution. With almost 50 per cent of clients having a blow-dry when they visit the salon, it’s the most popular service – so how about giving it a little extra? Say hello to the Blow Dry with Benefits menu.

Right now, only 27 per cent of women get their hair professionally coloured, with reasons including concerns over cost, their lack of time and fear of damage* putting them off. But the business-boosting Redken Blow Dry with Benefits menu was created specifically to help salons recruit a new generation of colour clients and convert existing guests to salon colour, too. By bringing the normally hidden-at-the-backwash bottles of Shades EQ front and centre, the menu makes professional colour more consumer- friendly. It elevates the average income per client because there truly is something for everyone – from root touch-ups and TLC for damaged tresses to a shot of shine or a pop of colour – and there’s even a service for colour-shy clients who want to strengthen hair with a pH bonder treatment. Add the growing obsession with #HealthyHair – that hashtag was up 157 per cent year on year on Instagram** – and you’ll see now is the time to start serving that irresistible, stellar shine, delivered only by Shades EQ.

Larry King 


And that’s where a boosted blow-dry can really deliver. “Blow- drys are back but clients want more,” admits Larry King, Redken it-list stylist and founder of Larry King salon. “Glossing, pops of colour and ‘tweakments’ are very in at the moment. A menu that fuses the two is simply genius, and it showcases the true ease and versatility of Redken Shades EQ.” Just see how these salons are reaping those benefits…

The Hair Worx


I’ve been impressed by the way the menu entices clients to try more. It offers them a top-up service between appointments, and introduces new clients into the world of Shades EQ Gloss or colour in general. There’s something for everyone on the menu and it stands out to be more of an exclusive treatment not offered in every salon. The menu has brought in more business, from increasing sales of top-up toners between services to introducing greying clients to the world of colour without having to go permanent.
Samantha Wise

Blend Salon


The menu has created quite a buzz. We put up posters all around the salon and little menus on all the stations. It coincided with a party we were throwing to celebrate Redken Shades EQ. We posted videos and before and after shots of people having the services, as well as staff talking about what they love about it. It has really boosted our business and the menu displays in the windows have brought new clients into the salon.
Jo Pilbeam

Live True London


The Blow Dry with Benefits menu we’ve launched is a great way to introduce services to non-colour clients by offering them quick colour services to go along with their regular blow-drys. The services available are easy to understand so clients can begin a straightforward dialogue with the colourist about what the various menu choices can do for them. We would then use this as a gateway to suggesting a more complex colour service to a client later, such as a balayage, highlights or ombre.
Valerie Maine

Justin Casey Salon


The response from clients so far has been amazing. It’s an attractive service not only because it offers a quick treatment, but it’s also a cost- effective option for clients who can’t always afford to have their colour done every six to eight weeks. It’s had an extremely positive effect on business, and, in turn, it has attracted clients to visit more frequently, which over a longer period of time does bump up their bills.
Justin Casey

*Kantar study 2017. **Google 2018

Few can resist a collaboration between two groups at the top of their game, which is why the new Redken and Rush Hair styling menu is proving to be a massive success


Collaborations always get people’s attention – a limited edition is hard to resist. Well, Redken and Rush Hair have come together to cook up a delicious menu of looks that are available exclusively in Rush Hair salons across the UK. “The new Redken Styling menu offers clients a variety of looks,” explains Nicola Ellul, head of brand and PR at Rush Hair. Think waves, braids and curls that are perfect for festivals, nights out or special events.

“Clients love how quick the appointment is, and that their hair can be transformed for a party, night out or even a treat!” Nicola Ellul, Rush Hair

The menu introduces clients to Redken’s new Extreme Play Safe heat protection treatment and hero styling products and shows how they can be used to achieve a range of amazing looks. “We wanted to offer our clients something a bit different while promoting the Redken styling products that we stock,” she adds.

“Redken has always been hugely popular with our clients and the menu gives clients the chance to have their hair transformed. It also has given us another opportunity to promote our partnership with the brand.”

Box Fit

Sunday Wave

Friday French

And the response has been fantastic, with a diverse range of clients selecting their favourite looks and opting for a quick transformation that can be done in a lunch hour.

“The menu has been well received by clients of all ages and lifestyles,” Nicola explains. “The appointments are available throughout the day and can also be built into appointments already booked. The style is created in a 45-minute appointment so it’s appealing to those looking for a quick fix, as well as those looking to treat themselves.”

It’s not only existing clients who are enticed by the Redken Styling menu but new ones too, who are welcomed in to try the Rush Hair experience – and hopefully make future bookings. “The menu has added another service that has allowed us to extend our market reach to those we may not have considered previously,” says Nicole. “Adding a new service always helps financially, but for us it’s fantastic to see so many new faces become part of the Rush Hair clientele.”