Blown away

Dylan and Larry share their Supersonic styling tips

Blow it smooth…

“Use the Smoothing Nozzle and switch the Supersonic to full heat and speed settings to de-kink and de-frizz even the most difficult hair”

– Dylan Bradshaw

Give it lift…

“Alternate between the medium and hot heat settings to create amazing lift, knowing the Dyson will prevent hair damage and achieve great volume”

Larry King

Blow it shiny…

“I like to finish my blow-drys on the medium heat and speed settings. This seals the cuticle and creates the most amazingly shiny finish”

 Dylan Bradshaw

Create curl…

“Unlike, other textures it’s important to dry curly hair from really wet, to take advantage of the natural curl that forms after hair is washed. The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer Professional edition is great for this as it means the hair is protected from damage during this increased dry time. I dry using Dyson’s diffuser, which is amazing for distributing air evenly through the hair, creating less frizz”

Larry King

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