Bold Expressionist & 2Tone Artist

Unleash your colour creativity with two statement looks, created using CHROMA ID from Schwarzkopf Professional


Bold colour service for a vibrant, multi-dimensional pink with orange undertones

The Formula 

COLOUR ONE: Pink + Yellow + 9,5-4 (2:1:2)

COLOUR TWO: Pink + 9,5-1 (1:1)

COLOUR THREE: Pink + 6-88 + Clear (4:1:5)

The Steps

STEP ONE: Start application at the back, taking diagonal sections

STEP TWO: Work your way up, alternating between colours 1,2 and 3

STEP THREE: Continue application in diagonal sections at the top of the head, alternating the three colours

STEP FOUR: Develop for up to 10 minutes

STEP FIVE: Rinse and blow dry


Two tone, bold colour service for a cool and edgy colour statement without brassiness

The formula

COLOUR ONE: IGORA Vibrance 5-00 + 5-21 (1:1)

COLOUR TWO: Blue + yellow (2:1)

COLOUR THREE: Blue + yellow (3:1)

The Steps

STEP ONE: Apply colour one to the roots

STEP TWO: Continue root application on the whole head

STEP THREE: Apply colours two and three, alternating between the two. Work in diagonal sections, starting on the side

STEP FOUR: Replicate colour application on the other side. Include random sections of the fringe

STEP FIVE: Apply colour one to the remaining parts of the fringe

STEP SIX: Continue with colours two and three on the back of the head, taking diagonal sections

STEP SEVEN: Apply colour one to the tips and develop for up to 10 minutes

STEP EIGHT: Rinse and blow dry

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