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Stronger blondes, stronger business

There’s no denying it – the demand for lightening services is stronger than ever. That’s why it’s vital that your blonding offering is not only reliable, but is designed to work for all clients; with all depths of bases and all types of textures, in all situations.

Throughout every blonding appointment, the Matrix Total Results line and Unbreak My Blonde range has got your back. From lighteners and toners to after care products, it has been designed to lift powerfully and evenly while taking care of the hair, providing you with colouring confidence time after time.

And speaking of time, Matrix can help save you bags of it. Light Master 8 with Bonder Inside removes the need for a separate backwash sealing service, while the ingenious colour-changing technology of Bleach Finder shampoo ensures a peroxide (and guesswork)-free rinse with its residue-hunting formula. Prepare for your efficiency to skyrocket, leaving you freer to upsell and fit more clients into your column.

Beyond the outstanding in-salon results (like those shown to the left, created by Michelle Summer-Davies), the conditioning care that Matrix Unbreak My Blonde take home products deliver also keeps clients’ lengths looking luscious for longer. Healthier hair equals happier and more loyal customers, who in turn encourage new guests through the door.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Professionals across the industry are raving about the range and its potential to boost blonde businesses:

It’s about… building on your blonding success, says Michael Convey of Convey Salons

“The new Matrix Unbreak My Blonde range is a game changer for any serious blonde colourist.

“It not only helps to ensure you have the perfect canvas to work on thanks to Bleach Finder Shampoo, but the formulas within the three step after care range continue to support the hair in between salon visits, allowing both you and you and your clients to continue on their blonding journey with confidence.

“With better condition comes better results and more add on services, so the business as well as creative possibilities are endless.”

A digital illustration of Matrix ambassador Michael Convey
A digital illustration of Matrix ambassador Ria Kulik

It’s about… inspiring ultimate colouring confidence, says Ria Kulik of The Hair Bank

“All of my staff really love the Unbreak My Blonde range and it helps us achieve results that may not have been possible before now. 
My personal favourite in the range is Bleach Finder – it works as the perfect visual aid to make sure all bleach is out of the hair, helping achieve even toning, whilst at the same time lowering the pH. How cool is that?!

“I’m also a huge fan of the brand-new technology in Light Master with Bonder Inside, as allows me to have absolute confidence whilst lifting my blonde clients to their perfect level.

The aftercare range is a great asset to have in the salon as well and should be going home with every blonde client. I have already been discussing the benefits from using the new line with my clients, and it’s building even more confidence and trust that I am looking after their hair from appointment to appointment throughout the year.”

It’s about… making your life as a colourist easier, says Rosie Briscoe of Klub Salon

“I’m so excited by the release of Unbreak My Blonde – this range of products makes looking after your blonde and providing a great blonde service even easier!
“Blonde services can be time consuming, costly and difficult so having these new products in my tool kit are a huge help when it comes to getting the perfect results every time. I’m really excited about Bleach Finder shampoo – it is going to make life as a busy stylist just a little bit easier while giving me gorgeous results!”

A digital illustration of Matrix ambassador Rosie Briscoe

Unlock new colour possibilities build a brighter, stronger future for your
blonde business with Matrix Total Results and Unbreak My Blonde.
To learn more, visit or to connect with Matrix directly, send them a DM on Facebook

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