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by | Nov 17, 2020 | SELF/STYLED Inspo

Transitioning from a recognisable name to a legitimate brand – a name that signifies who you are, what you do, what people can expect – is a hazy process. Searching for some branding advice? Jayson Gray shares his path to success…

The recognition that good branding brings you is almost priceless, but how does one get to that point? We asked Jayson Gray , whose brand Karbon Kyd is a summation of all things… well, Jayson, to share some top branding advice.

“It has always been a dream of mine to have my own brand, my own universe as it were. To put your own unique stamp on everything and tell the world what you can do. The struggle is real, but also very worthwhile.

There are so many elements that have to be considered, weighed up and verified on every count because as a brand, and as a hairdresser, I have to consider where the funding for this comes from on a daily basis. I need to continually re-invest in both myself and the company. That means material and content to promote, and that costs money which has to be generated from somewhere.

I still run a column of clients from two different bases. One is a studio in the West End of London, and my other main source is from working as creative colour director for Taylor Taylor London. I’m based over in Spitalfields a couple of days a week, looking after media types and whatnot, while also fuelling what I can do as a business from there.

When it comes to sourcing work and ‘putting yourself out there’, I like to plan ahead. It’s important to outline your goals and come up with a battle plan If you have specific dreams to achieve.

In this day and age, social media really is your daily platform and where you really need to spend time. Love it or hate it, it’s now expected of any brand and/or individual – Instagram is basically an instant insight into what you can do. I plan my posts to correspond with up-and-coming events, look at what on the hairdressing calendar that year, and make a point of getting noticed and seen at particular ones.

Commenting and tagging relevant companies in your posts is highly recommended, and pushing for a response (in a friendly way) is all too important. Advertise your services and skillset to the max wherever you can. You have to use what you have at your disposal to push ‘brand me’.

I’m loving every minute of it, and the process is intense – believe me! But the satisfaction and feeling of euphoria at the end of the day far outweighs the pressure you put on yourself. ‘The process’, as I like to call it, means you have to be on ball 24/7. There is always a call to make or an email to send – and that’s just the response part. Living and breathing your dream takes a lot of hard graft and commitment of your part. I try harder every day and use my contacts wisely. This method has seen me educate worldwide with Karbon Kyd. Never stop trying to own your universe.”

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