Caroline Sanderson’s five tips for setting goals for 2022

Most Wanted Legend, Caroline Sanderson, shares her business-boosting advice for setting achievable goals in 2022

As we head towards a New Year, many of us will be reaching for our planners to jot down the resolutions we’d like to stick to in 2022. However, how often do we REALLY keep to those aims we strive for at the start of each year? Chances are… not too often.

If, like many of us, you’re guilty of giving up at the first hurdle, then it’s time to reassess how you set business goals. Luckily, Most Wanted Business Thinker Legend, Caroline Sanderson, has shared her top five tips for setting goals the RIGHT way, to ensure you can achieve everything you want in 2022. 

Caroline’s Top Tips…

  1. “Think BIG and base your goals on what you WANT, rather than what you think you can do.”

2. “Write them down. I use what I call a ‘dream book’ so I can add visuals to my goals and I cut out images linked to having achieved them. For example, if it’s an award I want to win, I will print it out and write ‘I am so happy and grateful I am now Most Wanted Business Thinker Legend’. 

3. “Reverse engineer financial goals and break them down into annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily and even hourly chunks – then per stylist (if you have a team). You will often be surprised when you do this ‘chunking down’ how achievable your goals are. Once you know how much extra each stylist needs to take per day, for example, you can then set your team tangible targets, such as two more treatments per day or one more colour.”

4. “If you have a team, you need to give them the tools and training to grow. Make sure they know what’s in it for them when hitting targets and give them the support they need to reach those goals.”

5. “Regularly recalibrate, working to your quarterly goals and if you fall short, then add them to your next quarter. Your goals should be attainable and measurable. This lack of attainable and measurable goals stops many salon professionals from growing, as they’re not focused on the results they want or are not constantly taking action towards reaching their targets. Stick to goals you are fully committed to achieving and go for it!” 

Searching for more advice? Caroline has recently released Magic and Miracles, a guide to goal-setting that spans far more than just business or mindfulness. In the book, Caroline explores key concepts related to mindset and emotional intelligence, then applies these to business decision making as well as general life experiences. She also provides advice to help you start your own journey towards sustained confidence and mindset mastery, translating complex subjects like consciousness, universal laws, emotional intelligence into simple, easy to understand lessons and exercises that resonate tangibly within day-to-day life. Pop it on your Christmas list, and get set for a more fulfilling and rewarding 2022.

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