My 10 favourite images

Tom Chapman chooses his all-time favourite hair images…

In praise of gel

A sticky situation

Anything you can do…

Mutual Appreciation Society #2

The Lions Barber Collective

Let’s talk…

‘100 kisses’ by Emma Diamond

Gilded radiance inspired by Gustav Klimt’s iconic painting, ‘The Kiss’

Behind the scenes of ‘100 Kisses’ by Emma Diamond

Eroticism, opulence and magnificent hair

‘Raw Edge’ by Stefano Mazzoleni

Session hairdresser Stefano Mazzoleni explains what inspired his use of styling and vintage photography techniques…

‘Sculpt’ by Bad Apple Hair

Strong shapes with an gritty underground edge

Watch ‘Sculpt’ by Bad Apple Hair in motion

Explore the dichotomy between rebellion and conformity

‘United Colors of Beauty’ by Michaelangelo Marenco

A three-year exploration of influences and statements colours

Into the nudes

Post it. Share it. Like it. Love it!

The eye of the beholder – One shoot, two photographers with Tom Chapman

See how each photographer envisions the brief

Faking it

Ky Wilson takes the work out of wigs

‘Architectural Elements’ by Silas Tsang

Balanced patterns and fluid movements echo architectural structures

‘Canvas’ by Jordan Massarella

A Hockney-inspired palette on hair

Creating shape

Complimenting, securing and photographing