Goldwell unveils Color Zoom 2019 UK finalists

Find out who’ll be heading to the Color Zoom UK final on July 28…

‘Power to the Youth’ by Rainbow Room International George Square

Playful experiments in colour and texture

‘PLAY’ by Sam James

‘Freedom of expression’ taken to new heights

‘Horizon’ by Stelios Papas

Awash with the colours of the desert skyline

‘Chromatic Universe’ by Ivan Rodriguez

Symmetrical cuts and precise lines meet prism-like colour

‘F2’ by Salones Carlos Valiente

Playing with length, texture and pops of bold colour

Ugly/Beautiful Colour

Blue and green should never be seen? Stuff that!

‘Rhodochrosite’ by Ginger|Lemon Hair

Raspberry pink flashes through a peachy haze

‘Antify’ by Nick Irwin

Empowerment and accessibility with an attitude

‘Mirror Maze’ by Anne Veck

Anne Veck lets her avant-garde styling expertise blossom

‘Slickers’ by Tony Haresign and Allan Stone

A monochromatic study of the ‘city boy’ look

‘Bright Young Things’ by The SWH Art Team

A bold statement in classic finishes, rounded out with biting modernity

‘Unity’ by Scots Hair Design

Tartan heritage and innovation collide

‘Buffalo Spirit’ by Sam Burnett

Celebrating individuality as a free-spirited, progressive force

‘It’s just Rock ‘n’ Roll’ by Kerry Mather

Imagined megastars caught in candid moments

‘B.A.E – Before. All. Else.’ by Linton & Mac

Let’s go round again to the ‘70s