‘Club Shapes’ by Darcie Harvey

A copper colour flash and progressive, Sassoon-inspired looks

‘Era’ by Francesco Group Stafford Academy

Showcasing commercial looks with editorial flair

‘Wild Childs’ by Bons Men’s Hair

Combining androgynous looks with fresh trends

‘Stellarado’ by Stevie English

Out of this world colour, out of this world women

‘Outside the Lines’ by Helen Kenny

Sharp partings and fizzes of texture

‘Adore You’ by Bad Apple Art Team

Colour, texture, ATTITUDE

‘Freak Out’ by Pierre Ginsburg

A welcome dose of dancefloor decadence

‘Fascination’ by Mary Geoghegan

Y2K styling collides with 2021 finishes

‘Clique’ by Ciaran Dowd

Finger-waves and playful hues recall ’90s urban youth

‘University Year Book’ by Bert de Zeeuw

Styles inspired by the 1970’s American collegiate experience

‘Girls’ by Gareth Bromell

Low maintenance looks with 150W glamour

‘Boy Story’ by Adam Reed

Genderless models used as blank canvases for creativity

‘HENKO’ by Davinia Cuñat

Transformative change through texture and colour

‘Rebirth of Expression’ by @66 Hair and Lifestyle

Celebrating the opening of businesses and bursting of bubbles

‘Edition No.2’ by Fry + Dean

Timeless styling melds with effortless East London chic

‘Recollection’ by SK Style Barcelona

Backstreet’s back in this throwback to ’00s men’s styling