The making of a ‘hair tattoo’

Hans Beers turns one of his dream styling ideas into reality

‘Diffraction’ by Ginger|Lemon

Lustrous colours and iridescent blending

‘Trenesis2’ by Carol Bruguera

Braids at the intersection of avant-garde and commercial styling

‘Suburbian’ by Makeover Hair

Exploring the transition between the urban and suburban world

‘Revive’ by Amber Bird

Classic styles given a new lease of life

The buzzcut as a canvas

Leopard print, psychedelic patterns and vivid flowers in bloom – a grade 1 shave has…

Behind the scenes with the show teams at #LCT19

A trio of show teams step into the spotlight at the 2019 Grand Final

‘#MyTreasure’ by HAIRKRONE

Hair seen through the filter of Generation Z

‘Deconstruction’ by HARE & BONE

Exploring editorial hair in its stages of preparation and finish

Watch STIL Salon’s ‘Through a Prism’ collection in motion

Illuminating the interplay of colour and movement (with added rhythm)

‘Through a Prism’ by STIL Salon

Illuminating the interplay of colour and movement

Goldwell unveils Color Zoom 2019 UK finalists

Find out who’ll be heading to the Color Zoom UK final on July 28…

‘Power to the Youth’ by Rainbow Room International George Square

Playful experiments in colour and texture

‘PLAY’ by Sam James

‘Freedom of expression’ taken to new heights

‘Horizon’ by Stelios Papas

Awash with the colours of the desert skyline

‘Chromatic Universe’ by Ivan Rodriguez

Symmetrical cuts and precise lines meet prism-like colour