A satire to make you shiver…

Strange and provocative, with a serious message to share about our industry.

‘Eclectic Chic’ by Darren Ambrose

Creative sophisticates let loose

‘Donna’ by María Montes

A tribute to the fine line that separates art and hairdressing

‘Self-Titled’ by fry + dean

Meet fry + dean

‘Minimal’ by Pierre Ginsburg

Soft cuts, subtle lines and a spectrum of blonde

‘Ginger’ by Paco López

All red everything

‘Faux-vism’ by Nashwhite

Celebrating strong colour combined with faux textures

‘Minutiae’ by Annie Ankervik

A celebration of the small things and the beauty in everyday life

‘The only one’ by Evo

With a nod to the gender fluid street style of ’90s New York, see rich, deep colours and clashing textures

‘Sense of Self’ by Andrew Collinge Creative Team

Showcasing how great style never goes out of fashion

‘Opulence’ by KH Hair Creative Team

Rich colours meet classic styles with luxe styling touches

The making of a ‘hair tattoo’

Hans Beers turns one of his dream styling ideas into reality

‘Diffraction’ by Ginger|Lemon

Lustrous colours and iridescent blending

‘Trenesis2’ by Carol Bruguera

Braids at the intersection of avant-garde and commercial styling

‘Suburbian’ by Makeover Hair

Exploring the transition between the urban and suburban world

‘Revive’ by Amber Bird

Classic styles given a new lease of life