Colour Clinic with Sarah Mason

The colour clinic is open for business…

Colour Clinic with Nikki Clifford

The Colour Clinic is open for business…

Ready to Roll

Looking to boost your balayage? You’ve gotta roll with it

The Colour Contest Cheat Sheet

When, where & how to enter the major colour comps

Colour Clinic with Clayde Baumann

Step into the colour clinic

15 seconds of fame? Ignore TikTok at your peril…

Take your engagement to the next level with this trending app

Renaissance Man

It’s been quite the journey for Giuseppe Stelitano

Level Up to Master Colour Expert

This is not just any colour course…

Purse-friendly pick-me-up

Spring clean your colour menu for 2020.

Light it up

Lift and lighten in half the time

Parisian Brown

A rich mix of espresso, mocha and chocolate tones

Life in Colour

Bright colour combinations are explored with more intricate, precise cuts

A refreshing taste of Ginger Beer

Spicy, warm and oh-so on trend

Elixir of life

LumiShine YouthLock from JOICO will have clients believing you can work miracles

Blushing Brunettes

Achieve depth and highlight for dark haired clients

Custom colour-matching extensions

Matchy-matchy, but in a good way