‘Loops’ by Carol Bruguera

Geometric shapes are taken to the next level with a playful take on patterns across a unified shade range

‘Street Life’ by Charlie Miller Young Artistic Team

Strong colours, shapes and textures inspire a neon pastel infusion

P[INK] by Nashwhite

See the power of collaboration during one evening of teamwork at Nashwhite


Feeling bohemian like you?

‘Crayola Brights’ by Claire Chell and Heather Shaw, Francesco Group

Old skool colour fun

‘He.She.Me.’ by Amy Gaudie

Strong colour palettes and soft cuts meet subdued tones and sharp lines

‘Mirror Shoot’ by the KH Hair Creative Team

Reflect on full exposure hair

‘Shadow’ by Casey Coleman

CHAIR Salons founder and PAINTER, Casey Coleman, unveils his new collection, Shadow

‘Tribe’ by Gianluca Grechi

Undone styling and unique colours inspired by global communities

‘Edge and Elegance’ by Warren London

A play on inversions and complimentary colours

WATCH ‘Neonhair’ by Carol Bruguera in motion

Bold colour combinations, transformed under black light.

‘Neonhair’ by Carol Bruguera

Bold by day, radiant at night

‘Clash’ by David Murray and Ryan Nicoletti-Dowd

A wild excursion into colour and cuts

‘Soft Metals’ by SHY+FLO

Sharp lines, shimmering injections of colour and sketchy textures

‘Zink’ by Bill Tsiknaris

Darkness touched by the pink glimmers of dawn

A retrospective: 5 years of fabulous Most Wanted Colour Expert imagery

Explore the finalists’ lookbooks since 2013