Here’s to the professional difference

Sorry YouTube. Not so sorry box dye. 2019 is going to be the year of the hairdresser

The difference is… PASSION

It’s 2019. It’s time to stand tall and say: We are hairdressers. We are L’Oréal Pro.

The difference is… AMBITION

Richard Phillipart details his rise from salon junior to salon owner.

The difference is… FULFILMENT

“As a hairdresser, you live your life in a really fun, fulfilled way.”

The difference is… EXPERTISE

17 years, countless awards, one unstoppable duo.

The difference is… TEAMWORK

YouTube 0 – The Professionals 1.

Let’s celebrate it. Together.

Friends and fellow professionals, we proudly salute you.

Push YOUR professional difference

“Creatives have to wake up and start acting like the experts that they are!”

We are hairdressers. #WeAreLOrealPro

Passion. Pride. And the professional difference.