Checks and balances

by | May 5, 2023 | Business, Wellbeing

Feeling overwhelmed or stressed? Leah Hayden Cassidy shares the importance of allowing some balance in your daily routines


“Finding a balance between work and all the other aspects of our lives can feel like such a struggle. One, or more areas seem to constantly be neglected due to overworking, expectations and social pressures. The juggle can be overwhelming and achieving the perfectly, balanced life can seem like a fairy tale. 

Running a business or brand can be extremely stressful. Often we overlook our need for rest and end up spending a lot of our downtime taking on tasks, becoming burnt out. 

Most entrepreneurs begin their day with a packed “to do” list. On waking up, we will generally jump straight onto our emails followed by our socials and then our schedules for the day. This all happens within the first few minutes of opening our eyes, sending our body into a knot of anxiety. This habitual start to the day, which many of us follow, often impacts every interaction we have throughout the rest of the day. We’re starting out with anxiety and finishing with it, removing any chance of balance and calm. Feeling stressed can affect how we make decisions, how we attract opportunities and how we deal with adversity. 

Over the past few years I’ve learned that focusing on finding that balance can have a really positive impact on my day to day, in particular on my mental and physical health. I’ve introduced a simple method to try to maintain balance in every part of my life.

I’ve practiced replacing many old habits by being more mindful in my thoughts and actions. Instead of jumping on my phone as soon as I wake up, I’ve invested in an old school alarm clock and, once it rings, I knock it off and allow myself to calmly wake fully.

Then I begin the day by planting both feet firmly on the ground and reciting the following affirmation: “I am ready and able for the day ahead and I am grateful for the opportunities that will come”. Once I’ve done that, I go into the kitchen, pop the kettle on and do some deep breathing, moving around gently and stretching while it boils. While drinking my coffee, I take a minute to write some tasks in a journal alongside small goals I want to achieve that day.

After showering, dressing and sorting out what I need, I then pick up my phone as I walk out the door. I’m ready to begin my day of work. By introducing this small routine, I’m able to start the day with a clear and positive mind. When I finally face those emails and that schedule, I feel grounded in strength and positivity, ready to take on any task. 

I know that life can be chaotic and doesn’t always go to plan. But by introducing small changes and replacing unhealthy habits you might find yourself calming your mind and creating more effective routines which might give you more time for yourself. With more balance, business decisions, interactions with clients and colleagues, challenges and opportunities will all be a lot easier to navigate.” 

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