CHM X BaByliss PRO – a focus on the ’50s

by | 30 Sep 2019

Forget the prim and proper post-war attitude and channel the flipside of the decade that saw the birth of youthful rebellion – the rebels without a cause, the wild ones

Sarah Black

“I’m looking from a rockabilly, rebellious vibe that’s a little bit androgynous, I’m adding on quite a cool girl, putting the 2019 spin on it. So, a slightly more relaxed version with a kind of injection of rockabilly. It’s kind of a mash up – Elvis, but with our Brit edge to it!

It’s not smooth and not perfect like a ’50s housewife roll! It’s a lot more like a victory roll, but more broken. My rockabilly roll is slightly falling apart – it’s got a really soft texture that I’m going to shatter, so it’s kind of a little grungy. The Titanium Expression tongs are great for nailing that piecey-ness!”

Harriet Rose Stokes

“I loved the short black bob that Bettie Page rocked. It was pretty and soft yet structured,” admits Harriet. “She was quite a rebel, and that made me want to take the traditional Bettie Page look a bit further.

Working on this shoot, my favourite era was the ’50s. I’ve gone a little bit more textured instead of being all precision. I think that makes it more modern. I love a short fringe. I’m not a huge fan of cutting, but a short fringe? Throw that at me every day!”

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