CHM X BaByliss PRO – all eyes on the ’90s

Wait, a hair shoot inspired by ’90s trends and no ‘The Rachel’ in sight? You better believe it…

This was the era when the raw takes on the runways from Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen delivered the pull of grunge. But as well as riot grrrl, you also had girl power, played out in multicoloured brightness with the volume turned up to 11.

Harriet Rose Stokes

“There’s Sporty Spice and you have Britney Spears, although that was more pigtails. The ’90s are everywhere right now. For me, they are just ‘so much’ – so many accessories, so many braids, so much everything!

I wanted to do a big half-up, half-down pony, incorporating more of a polished wave with the Titanium Expression Tong, making it a little bit more modern. If I went for a high top pony with loads of crimp, it might be too ’90s, if you know what I mean?”

Sarah Black

“I’m always drawn to grunge, so I really wanted to do that lank, unstyled, unwashed feeling of that grunge kid of the ’90s.

With grunge the hair is always quite hanging, so I’m trying to emulate that in a little bit more of an editorial sense. We’re just keeping the texture quite wet, greasy, oily. No volume, completely opposite to what we’re used to achieving. I want to create separation. The new Prima 3000 Styler is perfect for getting that just right…”