CHM X BaByliss PRO – garden party

Two award-winning hair artists. Four cover-ready models. An incredible squad comprising photographers, videographers, make-up artist and stylist… The end result? Eight effortless editorial looks, befitting the beauty of the surrounding environment. Here’s what happened when we escaped to the country for our October cover shoot…

Sam Burnett

“For our first look with Fiona,  it’s all about the prep to create the style. It’s important to make sure you have a good base to work from, then using a really good styling tool to finish the look. It’s not about using too much heat, but rather enhancing the natural texture.”

Sam’s styling essentials
BaByliss PRO Italia BRAVA hairdryer
BaByliss PRO Titanium Expression 32mm Curling Tong

“When preparing for the shoot, it’s all about finding the right models and exploring ways to enhance their natural texture through styles which they would really suit. I’ve been looking closely at the different textures in nature too, and what materials we could use on set.”Sam Burnett

“For Charlie’s first look, we wanted to focus on using her natural texture. To really enhance it, we used some volumising mousse before twist-drying the hair on a low heat. We then created a little more bend with the new BaByliss Cordless Curling Tong to create some irregularity. Finally, we finished with some texture spray to make it feel that bit more lived-in, a little gutsier.”

Sam’s styling essentials
BaByliss PRO Italia BRAVA hairdryer
BaByliss Cordless Curling Tong

“To me, natural means working with the natural beauty and texture, which pops against the natural landscape.”


Lisa Farrall

“For my first look with Pia we went for hair up, but we wanted to give a tougher edge by adding knots in the hair. We twisted the hair to create a solid shape in the top with softness round the perimeter.”

Lisa’s styling essentials
BaByliss PRO Italia BRAVA hairdryer
BaByliss 9000 Cordless Straightener

“I’m originally a country girl, even though I may fight it, so I’ve been out on a lot of country walks looking for inspiration ahead of the shoot. A lot of people from big cities are now moving to the countryside, so there’s a real diverse mix of people in more rural areas now. Today’s shoot is all about bringing the city to the countryside, and that’s my style.” Lisa Farrall

“For look one with Priscilla, I put her natural hair into a high ponytail and tucked it into a bun before adding some finger waves at the front. I then added a hairpiece and used one of my hero tools from today – the BaByliss PRO Titanium Expression 13mm Curling Tong – to add some natural curls. I then used my fingers to add some texture and give a softer curl.”

Lisa’s styling essentials
BaByliss PRO Italia BRAVA hairdryer
BaByliss PRO Titanium Expression 13mm Curling Tong

“Beauty in the natural is being whoever you want to be. If you want to bleach your hair, wear your hair natural, do nothing to your hair… just be completely authentically you. To me, that’s naturally beautiful.” Lisa Farrall

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*PPE guidelines were adhered to, new measures have been implemented since this shoot took place. 

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