CHM X BaByliss PRO – spotlight on the ’70s

This is a decade with a double life – from the high shine of glam rock and disco to the brutal back-to-basics of punk, it’s no surprise that this is a decade that’s so fertile for style inspiration

Harriet Rose Stokes

“There were a lot of smooth waves and soft, big flicks around in the ’70s and all that’s really gorgeous, but I wanted to do something a little bit off the beaten track, not your obvious go-to.

One of Jerry Hall’s most iconic ‘70s looks is a black and white shot in a shirt, buttons open, and with a lot of textured hair. I wanted to do more texture, rather than soft waves. I’ve used the BaByliss PRO Deep Waver – I’m obsessed!”

Sarah Black

“When I think of the ’70s I’m more drawn to the middle and end of the decade – like Debbie Harry. That was exactly what came to mind when we got the brief.

I think everyone wants that super relaxed, edgy texture in their hair, so I wanted to combine those two elements. It’s not as fluffy and white as Debbie Harry’s was, but a little bit cooler, a little bit more wearable. You could definitely see this girl walking down the street today.”