From the city salon to a farmyard fashion shoot – the cordless revolution has begun! Hot on the heels of the phenomenal launch of the BaByliss 9000 cordless straightener last year comes not one but two new cordless styling innovations to free your minds (and your arms, and your wrists…)

In less than a year, the BaByliss 9000 cordless straightener has become the everyday choice for an army of session stylists and high-profile salon hairdressers, who love its impressive performance and convenience. Nothing to yank or get wrapped up in, it’s brilliant for backstage and on shoots wherever you are – and it started a revolution.

Now BaByliss is taking it two steps further by expanding its cordless technology and styling expertise with the launch of the cordless curling tong and cordless waving wand. We just can’t get enough… So, what makes them so exceptional? Glad you asked.

The BaByliss cordless curling tong and waving wand are gamechangers. They’re light and compact, which is great for session, but the best thing is the heat distribution.Sam Burnett, HARE & BONE
I’ve got a feeling these cordless tools are going to be behind every stage at every festival, backstage at fashion week and on every set at every studio!Lisa Farrall, WIG London

BaByliss cordless curling wand

BaByliss cordless curling tong

These new high-performance stylers feature the ground- breaking Micro-Heating Matrix heaters which, unlike other heaters, are formed precisely to the shape of the barrel. Why does this matter? Well, it means consistent results, delivering an even heat with no hotspots that ensures effortless curl formation and lasting results, even at lower temperatures. While the new tools may be cordless, the Cordless Curling Tong and Cordless Waving Wand reach the same temperatures as corded tools, and have the same long-lasting results.

Cordless curls and wireless waves, easy to manoeuvre around the face and without the headaches of searching for plug sockets to get you working. Your looks last, too – and they give you a fabulous 40 minutes of styling time.* Just imagine what you can do in that time…

Stylists unite and join the cordless revolution!
The Cordless Curling Tong and Cordless Waving Wand from BaByliss is coming soon – visit for updates.