Stunning natural light and soft breezes, this outdoor office served up serious inspiration for some stellar styling…

Sam Burnett

“For Fiona’s second look, we wanted to create a really great structural silhouette. We started by securing two structural points just by pinning, then using some heat and hairspray to secure everything in place.”

Sam’s styling essentials
BaByliss PRO Italia BRAVA hairdryer

“Throughout history and across many different cultures, locs have held incredible significance. A symbol of spirituality, respect, strength, for many individuals they are inextricably tied to identity and have both a communal and personal meaning.”Sam Burnett

“For Charlie’s second look I wanted to create an airy, fluffy texture. I started by using the BaByliss PRO Titanium Expression Deep Waver at the roots to add volume and body to support the hair. I then used an elastic figure of eight technique, pressed the hair with the BaByliss 9000 Cordless Straightener and then brushed everything out to create loads of volume and texture.”

Sam’s styling essentials
BaByliss PRO Italia BRAVA hairdryer
BaByliss PRO Titanium Expression Deep Waver
BaByliss 9000 Cordless Straightener

“My biggest inspiration for the shoot was the individual models and their own natural style. I really connected with the theme of going back to nature – using loads of texture and movement.”Sam Burnett

Lisa Farrall

“For look two, I curled the hair with the new BaByliss Cordless Waving Wand. As we’re on location, it’s brilliant because I don’t have to worry about wires, and it reaches the same temperature as corded tools for the same long-lasting results! This look focuses on optimal shine and embracing natural textures and movement, so the hair blends seamlessly with the background.”

Lisa’s styling essentials
BaByliss Cordless Curling Tong
BaByliss Cordless Waving Wand

“When planning looks for a shoot, it’s about using the mood board to take inspiration and interpreting that in my own personal style while always keeping the brief in mind. I drew on inspiration from my favourite photographers, such as Tim Walker, and how they use locations to create a feeling.” Lisa Farrall

“For Priscilla’s second look, I added a hairpiece from WIG London for a little extra volume. I then used the Titanium Expression 13mm Curling Tong from BaByliss PRO to give super tight curls before brushing it out from the root. The key is to pull it out rather than down, as that gives maximum texture.”

Lisa’s styling essentials
BaByliss PRO Titanium Expression 13mm Curling Tong

“When shooting on location, it’s important to think about the surroundings and how beautiful the setting is. For this shoot we’re in the countryside, so there’s a mix of rough textures and florals, and it’s about bringing those backgrounds into the image.”  Lisa Farrall

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*PPE guidelines were adhered to, new measures have been implemented since this shoot took place.