Get the festive feeling in full swing with layers of Christmas colours and festive accessories  

You know Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen, but do you recall the most famous reindeer who inspired this look? Rudolph! 
Pulp Riot artist Verity Waite wraps up the perfect gift for her client with a creative two-tone look, complete with antlers and curls. 

Verity Waites Reindeer hair

1. Start by applying Pulp Riot Blonde AF through the roots. Five to 10 minutes before removing, apply Blank Canvas through the ends, then shampoo out.

2. Take a star-shaped veil through the top and apply Pulp Riot Semi-Permanent in Absinthe.

3. Next, take a money piece section at the front and apply Pulp Riot Semi-Permanent in Fireball.

4. Apply slices of Pulp Riot Absinthe, Mercury, and Fireball through the back.

5. Finally, blow-dry smooth then tong through the mid-lengths and ends for soft waves. Gently pull back the front and tie in a knot.

6. Complete the look by adding a festive reindeer headband.

Desperate to try this on your next client eager to get into the seasonal sprit? Go, ho, ho for it!