#CHTurns20: Love from BaByliss PRO

Twenty years in business is a big deal. So you kinda want to celebrate it in a big way. A 52-page photo-shoot in our September 2020 issue was the epic undertaking we chose to mark two decades of Creative HEAD and the brilliant collaborators who helped us along the way. And when the BaByliss PRO team rocked up on set, the sparks truly started to fly…

BaByliss PRO ambassador and director of QCut

Hairdressing and fashion have always sat side- by-side, and for BaByliss PRO, Syd Hayes has been the link between the two, leading the brand through countless seasons backstage at Fashion Week. Each project we work on with Syd is met with the same energy and enthusiasm that makes even some of the craziest ideas come to life. He is deeply rooted in the fashion industry and brings a new level of creativity and energy to every season, crafting new techniques and pushing boundaries to make each idea more wild and genius than the last.

I had the chance to come up with a look that really inspires me – something that I can get creative with. I chose to focus on texture and height, creating some big hair, with a huge silhouette. I hope you enjoy it.Syd Hayes


BaByliss PRO ambassador and creative director at Joe and Co

Jody Taylor is about more than just male grooming. He fuses his traditional barbering skills and knowledge with his creative approach to editorial work to create a link between grooming
and fashion. Each of Jody’s hair looks comes with context, often playing on subcultures or style references that give his work an extra dimension. Male styling is a huge part of BaByliss PRO and collaborating with Jody means that the brand always stay focused and current.




Lawrence and Harry are in a band together – they’re both art students, too. They’re part of a cool generation coming through now, and a lot of their own influences are from the ’90s. So I wanted to take that ’90s rave, hip-hop movement and kind of bring that into the hair and the fashion – create something quite low-key, easy and real.Jody Taylor

Paul Percival

BaByliss PRO ambassador and owner of Percy at Percy & Reed

Paul Percival has become BaByliss PRO’s resident trendsetter and understands the brand and what it’s looking to achieve. He comes at a project from both sides – creatively and commercially – always creating beautiful, aspirational and wearable hair. Paul’s natural habitat is the music industry, working on album covers, backstage at shows or on tour with artists. The inspiration that comes from working with such talented people is the fuel he needs to create consistently gorgeous hair.

I wanted to create an attitude – a character. I used my daughter as my model and I really just wanted to create a great shape. There’s still texture inside, and the hair looks lived in. I like the squareness of it – it really suits her, as does the ‘I’m not happy’ attitude, which really works with the character I’ve tried to construct.Paul Percival

BaByliss PRO and Creative HEAD have a shared vision for the hair industry and have worked together for many years to identify and nurture pioneers, pushing the boundaries and paving the way for new generations. For instance, together BaByliss PRO and Creative HEAD brought The Coterie event series out of London to locations such as Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Dublin, Edinburgh and Glasgow, giving stylists around the country the opportunity to explore the lives of some Of the most celebrated names in both session and salon styling. Equally, BaByliss PRO likes to collaborate with artists and gives them the creative freedom they need to thrive. We have loved working with creative head on our annual ‘featured artist’ events, which give stylists free rein to let their personalities run wild. From Syd Hayes’ eerie hair circus to Ky Wilson’s live action nightmare salon experience, there’s nothing we won’t let them do! And finally, the Most Wanted and The It List grand final is always one of the most important dates in our calendars. BaByliss Pro has been a long-time supporter of the awards, celebrating the best salon-savvy businesses and creative session stylists alike, from future talent to those already at the top of their game. Ginny Hicks, group marketing director, BaByliss PRO

Main portrait: Jon Baker
Fashion: Mekel Bailey at Undercranked assisted by Max Brogan, Elz Harding, Ethan Legarta, Connie Lewis and Jadzia Scott
Make-up: Stefan Jemeel at Stella Creative Artists uing Glossier; Lesley Vye using MAC Cosmetics
Models (in order shown): Surina Whall at IMG,  Lawrence Perry and Harry Westcott at Select, Maya Percival at Next
BTS imagery: Jon Baker and Creative HEAD team 

The photoshoot with BaByliss PRO took place before the latest guidelines regarding PPE for hairdressers were released.